At Sri KDU Schools:

❍ Safe learning environment

❍ Focus on character building/leadership

❍ Comprehensive facilities

❍ Experienced and dedicated teachers

❍ Holistic education

❍ Trilingual environment

Housed within a 12 acre campus, Sri KDU schools comprise:

❍ Sekolah Sri KDU

❍ Sri KDU International School

A choice between a National and an International Curriculum within the same campus.

Everything at Sri KDU has a single purpose – to nurture the best in every student!

What You Can Expect at Our Mandarin Open Day

❍ Sekolah Sri KDU Preview by School Principals

❍ Primary & Secondary Mandarin Activities

❍ Chat With Academic Management & School Teachers

❍ Meet Our Mandarin Teachers

❍ School Tour

Mandarin Open Day

Sekolah Sri KDU provides a holistic programme where academic excellence is complemented with the development of skills to prepare your children for the competitive world. Our enhanced curriculum covers both Primary and Secondary levels. We offer a trilingual environment with emphasis on English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin.

In addition to the KSSR, Sri KDU Primary School students also study English, Mathematics and Science based on the Singapore International and Cambridge Curricula. At Sri KDU Secondary School, English, Mathematics and Science are taught using the Malaysian National Curriculum (KSSM) and Cambridge Curriculum. Both Mathematics and Science are taught in English.

Mandarin is offered as a compulsory subject from Primary One to Secondary Three and offered as an elective subject at Upper Secondary levels. It is taught at 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, with specific objectives targeted at various levels of achievement. Sekolah Sri KDU also offers Mandarin as a subject at SPM level.

We invite you to visit us on the Mandarin Open Day to find out more.






Sekolah Sri KDU

  • KSSR (Primary 1 – Primary 6)
  • KSSM (Secondary 1 – Secondary 5)
  • Dual Language Programme  for Maths & Science (Singapore/Cambridge curriculum)
  • E-learning (Maths, Science, Mandarin & English)

Sri KDU International School

  • English National Curriculum (Year 1 – Year 9)
  • IGCSE programme ( Year 10 – Year 11)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Year 12 – Year 13)

Student Development Programmes:

  • Educational Field Trips
  • Paramount Championship
  • Student Exchange Programmes
  • Charity Projects
  • Expeditions (Mount Kinabalu, Mount Everest Base Camp)
  • People To People International
  • Sri KDU Debate Union
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
  • International Forums

Co-curricular activities (CCA)

  • Clubs / Societies
  • Games
  • Uniformed Units
  • Outsourced Co-curricular Activities
  • School teams



  • Fully equipped Science labs
  • ICT labs
  • Libraries
  • Language labs
  • Art Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • Design and Technology labs

Performing Arts

  • Dance Rooms
  • Speech and Drama Rooms
  • Music Rooms


  • 25m swimming pool
  • Multipurpose sports hall
  • School playing field
  • Futsal court
  • Rooftop tennis court
  • Badminton courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Netball court


(National Curriculum)

  • UPSR – Primary 6
  • PT3 – Secondary 3
  • SPM – Secondary 5

(International Curriculum)

  • SAT - Year 6
  • YELLIS Exam - Year 9
  • IGCSE - Year 11
  • IBDP - Year 13

5 Star Rating by

the Ministry of Education Malaysia