The Sekolah SRI KDU® Model
The concept of a Smart School is not new.

In developed countries, smart schools have shifted the paradigm of teaching-learning in education to focus on student needs and capabilities and individual student development.

The Malaysian Government initiative adopted by KDU® Smart School Sdn Bhd focused on the development of the regulatory, physical, academic and administrative structure of Sekolah Sri KDU®.

Sekolah Sri KDU® is unique in that it is not just another private school but is also a Smart School.
What does this mean for the children enrolled at Sekolah Sri KDU®?

To start, there are four fundamental components to our school and together these components provide a conducive environment for children to develop their individual potential to its fullest:
  • • Learning Environment
  • • Smart School Plus
  • • Quality of Our Teachers
  • • Strategic Partnership