Sri KDU Mandarin OPEN DAY 2012

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Programme Highlights
School Previews
1030am Primary School
1200pm Secondary School

Announcement: Sri KDU Secondary School introduces special programme

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Students of Secondary 1  2012 onwards will be introduced to UK curriculum in English, Science and Maths leading to IGCSE  in Secondary 5.

Cambridge course books and text books will be used and teachers will also draw on the resources of  web-links and CD roms recommended by Cambridge.

These subjects will be taught alongside the Malaysian National curriculum. 

To find out more, visit the Sri KDU Mandarin Open Day on 14 July from 10.00a.m.    1.00pm.

Primary School Preview:   10.30am

Secondary School Preview: 12.00pm

Meeting Challenge, Meeting Fans… at Sri KDU®

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What happens when you challenge fans to hit a 500 target ‘Likes’ on Facebook…and this is achieved within the hour?

You just have to live up to the challenge!

…and that was how popular Korean-American K-pop singer, Jay Park, made a personal appearance in Malaysia in mid-May to perform and promote his album “New Breed”, his first  full-length album that has been topping music charts around the world.

For this keen and accomplished basketball player, a detour of sorts was arranged during his promotional tour of ASEAN for him to meet Jaywalkerz (fans of Jay Park) and the Sri KDU® Secondary School basketballers in a special basketball session at the Sri KDU® campus.

Striding into the campus hall in a sleeveless sports-T, he was not the ‘made-over’ photoshot idol as shown on publicity banners, but a down-to-earth youth in love with sports raring for a game of basketball with his teenage fans. The crowd immediately identified with the sports-clad celebrity with bursts of cheering, screaming and whistling on his arrival.

Within minutes of the first game, Park showed his prowess in the game of his choice and which he has been playing since his High School days. In the Artist Team A vs Sri KDU® Boys Basketball Team 1, he pitched his skills in the much-anticipated game. Winning the game was secondary; winning the players and spectators over with his heart-warming smile and dribbling, flicking basketball manoeuvres so naturally executed was paramount. The three other games which followed were as entertaining, as judged from crowd response.

“Watching Park’s interaction with the players in all four games was so exciting it made the hour-long wait worthwhile,” said Sara, a fan since his 2 PM days.

A fan strategically seated near the shooting board shared that she noticed the many times Park made eye contact with the crowd which really pleased his fans. It was Park just being himself, genial and free-spirited.

This talented singer, composer and dancer is seen by many in the entertainment industry as a growing force in Hallyu wave. As honorary ambassador for the world’s 5th b-boy competition ‘R-16 KOREA 2012’, his fans can expect more promotional activities.

What an opportunity it was for Sri KDU® students to meet this enterprising Asian artiste!

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