Sri KDU’s IBDP students graduate with pride!

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The International Baccalaureate department held its annual graduation ceremony on the 14th of July in conjunction with the graduating class of June 2010.

“ The doors burst open and the spotlight focused, on each of them who walked in, one by one. Grooving to the beat of their music, brimming with confidence, no one would have guessed the turmoil of the previous months. They lined up in front of us, faces shining with glee, a voice said, “Welcome, to your graduation ceremony”.
The night was to be all about them, because the night was to celebrate the fact that they had completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, one of the toughest pre-university courses in the world, with style! But lets not get into what this program is all about, lets focus on the completion and the celebration.

Of course there were many speeches lined up, and the juniors
sang a song of their own creation to the seniors. The seniors then came up onto stage and wholeheartedly appreciated each of their teachers- after all getting them through this course was no easy feat! But the real highlight of the night was when they finally lined up and in unison threw their mortarboards into the air, signaling to the world that they had finally graduated.

And as the ceremony drew to a close, we all felt happy that here was group all set to tread their own path of success but then this could be the last time we would be meeting them. The night was dry, the air was cold someone from afar would wonder why were so many eyes shining at the same time? But a closer look would tell them that they were tears. Tears of sadness, tears of pride, tears of joy and tears of happiness… who cares… but what mattered was we all came together to celebrate this one night where all of us- juniors, seniors, teachers and parents were captured in the stillness of time. ”

By Divya Kolakada, Year 13 IBDP

Sri KDU Mandarin OPEN DAY 2012

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Programme Highlights
School Previews
1030am Primary School
1200pm Secondary School

Announcement: Sri KDU Secondary School introduces special programme

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Students of Secondary 1  2012 onwards will be introduced to UK curriculum in English, Science and Maths leading to IGCSE  in Secondary 5.

Cambridge course books and text books will be used and teachers will also draw on the resources of  web-links and CD roms recommended by Cambridge.

These subjects will be taught alongside the Malaysian National curriculum. 

To find out more, visit the Sri KDU Mandarin Open Day on 14 July from 10.00a.m.    1.00pm.

Primary School Preview:   10.30am

Secondary School Preview: 12.00pm

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