Y 11 Geography Fieldwork - Kota Damansara Forest Reserve

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It was in the early afternoon at around 12.30 p.m. on 2 October 2013. All the students were wearing P.E  kit and were very excited to visit the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve.

We left shortly after a quick attendance. We were split into two buses with two different teachers in charge of each bus.  The teachers were Mr.Baxter, Mrs.Baxter, Mr Fraser and Mr Hendrick.

After a 15-minute drive, we arrived at our destination and settled down to receive instructions for the investigation. We were doing this investigation as a practice for Paper 4 in our IGCSE exams.
We were split into groups of 5 and were given a 1-meter ruler and measuring tape.

We had to find out about the environmental impact of humans on the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve. To prove our aim and hypotheses that we had  made, we had to find out about the footpath
erosion and the environmental quality as we gradually moved further into the forest.

To test our first hypothesis that footpath erosion will decrease with distance from the road as people may only walk a short distance from the road, we had to take 100 paces each time before we
measured the length and depth of the path. This is called strategic data collecting where we collect the data at equal intervals.

We also did an environmental quality survey to prove our second hypothesis which was it will be cleaner as you walk deeper into the forest. We did random data collecting where we multiply two different numbers that were picked out from a random number table.

The product will be the number of steps we took each time before doing the environmental quality survey. After we finished both tasks we have to draw a brief sketch of the forest.

Finally, we returned to the school at 4 p.m. and I learnt a lot during the trip. It was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve been to.

Written by: Xin Mei Yu
11 Gamma and Huang Wan Ching 11Kappa

Y 11 Geography Fieldwork Trip - KLCC & Central Business District

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On 1 October the geography students of SKIS departed from school at 8:30am to Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
67 year 11 students attended this trip, including our dedicated teachers Mr. Baxter, Mrs. Baxter, Mr. Somogyi, Mr. Hendrick and Miss Yuzi.

The bus ride to the central business district of Malaysia was smooth and we arrived at our destination after 30 minutes of excitement and
chatter in the bus. KLCC Park and the surrounding Central Business District area are iconic in world economy and city development; which was the perfect place for us to practice data gathering for our IGCSE paper 4 assignment.

After a short briefing and a long walk to the KLCC Park, we were split into two big groups. Due to the large number of students, we were divided
into 2 groups to carry out the different sections of work:

1. Questionnaires
2. Environmental quality survey
3. Traffic and Pedestrians count
4. Land use survey

The purpose of the questionnaires was to assess the sphere of influence of the KLCC Park and CBD area. The second part of our work consisted
of an environmental quality survey, which was designed to test the hypothesis that environmental quality will decrease with distance from KLCC Park due to the lack of trees. We used the stratified sampling technique to measure the environmental quality of six separate areas (in park and CBD area), using scores of 1 to 4— with 1 being bad and 4 being good.

Following the environmental survey, we began our final task of the morning - pedestrian count. This was to prove our hypothesis that there will be an
increase in the number of pedestrians between the hours of 12pm to 2pm, as many people will be on their lunch hour. For this task, we picked a location (e.g. the bridge) and calculated the number of people who crossed the path during 5 minutes. After that, all of us gathered before Lake Symphony, where we completed a field sketch of the KLCC surrounding business district.

After an extremely productive morning, all of us headed back into the KLCC convention Centre—it was so nice to be away from the 32 degree temperature
outside! We then headed down to the food court for an extremely fulfilling lunch. It was a great opportunity for us to relax and bond with our friends.

After  lunch, we set out to complete traffic and pedestrian counts, as well as surveying land use. The traffic counts were taken for five minutes at the
following roads - Jalan Kia Peng, Jalan Pinang, Jalan PETRONAS, Jalan P Ramlee and Jalan Ampang. This was a challenging task, as the traffic was flowing continuously. As for the land use survey, we had to keep a watchful eye out for the type of buildings there, which we had to mark to a map of the city Centre. Last but not least, we headed into Suria KLCC to finish up several unanswered questionnaires.

Written by: Xin Mei Yu 11 Gamma and Huang Wan Ching 11Kappa

Roshan Singh : Selangor Team Inter State Champion 11-16 Sept 2013

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Roshan Singh (second right player in photo) was a team member of the
Selangor Team which emerged champion at the National Inter State Competition held in
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 11 to 16 Sept 2013.

With this Selangor will represent Malaysia at the ASEAN Chess Competition in
Tagatay City Phillipines in October.

The Inter State Competition- players are from various ages (both Senior and Junior) for
each Team, formed by each State of Malaysia.
The Inter State was held after a 10 year gap, and
Selangor was the Proud Champion for 2013.

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