Meeting Opponents in Taipei

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Sri KDU Secondary School Basketball Teams (2 Boys Teams and 1 Girls Team) and 3 teachers visited Taipei, Taiwan, from 20 – 25 October 2013 for a series of games with 3 High Schools.

Devotion and Discipline of Great Fighters – This is Sportsmanship

The basketball teams in Taipei schools train six days a week after school. This is possible because each student joins only one extra-curricular activity. The concentration and devotion of the players in their chosen sport is expectedly high.

Although the players were younger and had lower average height compared to our players, they were not at all inferior in the games. The aggressiveness displayed in the games could be likened to the attitude of a warrior who ready to take down any stronger and tougher opponent.

In all 4 games played by the boys, we had tough and closed fights. This forced the boys to go all out in every game. Our advantage of height was evened out with the opponents’ aggressiveness and sharp shooting skills. Every single opportunity of scoring was seized. The results of the games were 2 wins and 2 losses.

In the 3 games the girls played, they faced opponents with higher level shooting skills and team strategy. Looking at the standard of the opponents, the girls found no excuse for not learning from them.

Our students observed admirable traits displayed by the host students. The basketball teams in Taipei demonstrated excellent discipline. Every player had a serious and respectful attitude when standing in the presence of their coaches.

It was impressive to observe an incident in which a player of Huai Sheng Junior High School quickly stood up straight at the instruction of her coach after a fall. Every instruction given by the coach was followed. No selfish play in the games; everyone in the team played his or her respective role to make team strategies work.

Wong Zi Yue @ World Youth Chess Championships in December 2013

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Please click here to read the article from The Star, dated 25th November 2013.

Journey to self-discovery

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Journey to self-discovery

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy – True Fulfillment.”  ~ Anthony Robbins ~

Teens from 23 different countries came together to break through their fears and shared their empowerment through the Global Youth Leadership Summit in July in San Diego, California, USA. Lee Jiajene and Teo Wen Yi, both of Secondary 4 were in this group.

Global Youth Leadership Summit’s format includes small group discussions, hands-on service learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises designed to enable summit participants to identify their own particular leadership strengths.

Dynamic keynote speakers from around the world gave presentations on leadership styles. At the conclusion of the Youth Leadership Summit, participants were encouraged to identify personal goals and to make a commitment to community service.

During the summit, participants were encouraged to play all out. It’s about stepping out of our comfort zone. The six human needs - certainty, variety, significance, love and conviction, growth and contribution were discussed in-depth. As each aspect was tackled, a new realization was experienced.

The leadership summit is all about dealing with uncertainties. One of the ten fundamentals of extraordinary leaders is the power of conviction. The quality of life is in direct proportion to our ability to deal with uncertainty. We should not be restricted and governed by schedules, and we had no schedules throughout the summit. To be a leader is to be able to respond when you are under pressure; you produce results and not give excuses.

Many topics were tackled - for instance overcoming the odds, the power of language, the power of high standards, the importance of a team, leadership styles, power of beliefs, building a life plan, making a difference, creating lasting change and living with a purpose.

Inspirational and motivational speakers, Marlon Smith, Harry Singha, Adnand Chulani and Kathy Buckley were all there to share, care and teach. Quotes such as “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, “faith and fear do not operate at the same time”, “success is not a destination, it’s a journey”, “what you focus becomes your reality”, and “holding onto anger is like drinking poison expecting someone else to die” resonated within the participants.

“During the summit, we were confronted by challenging tasks in controlled and demanding situations. So we developed a wider appreciation of group dynamics, problem solving and planning, and had the chance to implement a plan under pressure.

I have evaluated and improved my communication and team building skills. Finally, I have gained the courage to take up demanding challenges.

The summit is a cross-training where future leaders are trained by leaders in different areas that they are not familiar with. This provides a wide variety of different types of leaders who can all share their experiences and learn from one another.

We met and interacted with people from 26 different countries, learnt to understand their working style and gained new insights into their personalities. Other than sharing experiences with one another, we have developed relationships which should last if we remain true to our cause. Furthermore, I was taught to approach challenges from different angles and find better, more visionary solutions. Through leadership training like this, I am motivated and feel a surge in creativity and productivity.

This stint in San Diego has enabled me to make decisions with greater courage. I’ve learnt to accept challenges willingly and am prepared to take risks to accomplish my objectives. I have learnt to work under high pressure to complete jobs within the given time frame,” said Teo Wen Yi.

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