Sri KDU’S 1st BIG DRAW Event - 6th October 2012

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Congratulations Dato Lee Chong Wei

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Sri KDU Schools is proud to congratulate and honour our Brand Ambassador, Dato Lee Chong Wei for winning the silver medal at the Olympics.

He is truly a national hero!

An Air-y Escapade

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What is it that you can’t see but is not just an empty space? What is invisible but is still made up of tiny particles and molecules that have mass and weight? What doesn’t feel very heavy but still weighs a lot? The answer is – A-I-R!

So, do you know the recipe for air? Well, just mix all of the following ingredients together — 79 cups of nitrogen molecules, 20 cups of oxygen molecules, 1 cup of argon atoms, a dash of other gases, including water vapour and carbon dioxide. The result will be a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas with a density about 800 times less than water. Refreshing when stirred up and served cool on a hot day. This means that walking along the beach, you have over 1000 pounds (450 kilogrammes) of air above your head and shoulders and the air in the average high school gymnasium weighs over three tonnes!

Interesting, right? It was indeed for 75 young children, including some from Sri KDU® Primary. They were attending the one-day Little Scientists Holiday Programme on 26th May held at the school hall to discover more about air! They were all excited not only because it was the first day of the Semester 1 holidays but they were given a chance to be scientists for a day! Thrilling hands-on camp activities and experiments galore were in store for them.

After an amusing ice-breaking session, participants were divided into groups. It was then when the fun started! Amongst some of the cool experiments which they conducted were Plastic Bag Flyers, Get Wet With Water, Bicarbonate Blast, Fly Robin Fly, Balloon Cars, Crackling Bombs and The Twirling Pipe. All participants were also required to write down their discoveries in a specially prepared workbook.

What did they discover? They generally learnt that air is not only important for living things to breathe but it has other purposes too. They also found out that wind energy and pressure can also be produced by air to aid in the movement of objects. At the end of the day, the little scientists got to take home Sri KDU® air trapped in interesting balloon sculptures, goody bags and certificates! What a great air-y experience it was!

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