Cheerleading Success at the World Championships 2017

At the Cheerleading World Championships in Florida, United States, Team Malaysia achieved international success and won a Bronze medal. Majority of the team members were students from Sri KDU International Secondary School (SKISS) who participate in an additional Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in school.
The SKISS students involved are: 
1. Lee Yu Heng
2. Chee Jia Ying
3. Ng Jun-Kith
4. Scarlet Sumire Poh
5. Lim Jun Win
6. Chia Gang Tha
7. Chong Cheng Wai
8. Choong June
9. Sasheena Anne Monerasinghe
10. Ong Seng Yee
11. Chia Yi Yang
12. Khaw Jing-Li
13. Jason Wong Jin Ming
Kudos to all!