Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Our co-curricular activities (CCA) have been designed to instill inquisitive minds among our children and encourage innovation and self-discovery. This culminates in a balanced, holistic development of every child while concurrently complementing their academic pursuit.



In Sri KDU Primary School, the CCA programme forms part of the overall school curriculum to educate students with the following objectives:

Instill the spirit of leadership, teamwork and collaboration;
Strike a balance in the development of the intellect, physical health and emotional well-being;
Promote discipline, respect, dignity, pride and the healthy spirit of competition;
Strive for the best with the recognition that trophies and awards alone do not measure success, but rather an understanding of the values learnt.

Types of CCA

The two categories of CCA are: ‘School CCA’ and ‘Outsourced CCA’. School CCA are offered during schooling hours and Outsourced CCA after school hours. Each student must select and participate in one sports and one club/society/uniformed unit each year during the CCA periods held as follows:

CCA Time

  • P1 - P3 

  • P4 - P6 

  • Wednesday 8.00am – 8.50am (P1 - P3)

  • Thursday 8.00am – 8.50am    (P4 - P6)

Clubs/Societies/Uniformed Unites
  • Wednesday 8.50 am - 9.40 am (P4 - P6) 

  • Thursday 9.10 am - 10.00 am (P1 - P3)


* Attendance is compulsory
All extra-curricular activities are being conducted inside school grounds at all times.


School CCA

School CCA is made compulsory to all students.These activities are non-fee paying and are run by school teachers and outsourced instructors.

Outsourced CCA

Outsourced CCA activities are optional involving a fee (payable per semester) and are conducted by experienced and reputable outsourced instructors/trainers. Outsourced CCA will only be held after school hours between 3.45pm and 5.30pm on a schedule and day arranged by the instructors.

Through our CCA course, students are expected to acquire skills, develop leadership qualities, build confidence and increase self-esteem in their personal pursuit and development. This contributes towards a holistic development of each child while complementing his or her academic studies.