Secondary School Overview


The secondary school years, secondary 1-5, are a time of exploration. Usually at this stage, students would be discovering new things about themselves, what they’re good and weak at and which group of friends do they fit into. Therefore, Sri KDU Secondary Private School is designed to guide, nurture and support students to be mature adults; ready to tackle any obstacles through this dynamic transitional period. The holistic environment the school possesses is through the interactive learning and international perspective to prepare students for the intellectual, societal and global demands of the 21st Century.

The school’s mission is to develop each individual student to prepare them for success beyond secondary school; this is made possible with a carefully planned way of learning from a teacher-centred teaching method to a student-centred learning.

Furthermore, in today’s generation the world is big and there are various cultures and distinctive ways of thinking. Hence, here at Sri KDU, we designed the teaching methodology for students to view issues from a global point of view. Teachers are well qualified and committed to inject international perspectives into the national curriculum, where applicable through comparative approach to global themes and awareness of global events.

All students undergo the school’s Character Building programme, this programme is aimed to
Develop a positive and healthy culture in school and beyond.
Create awareness of and participation in Charity & Community Projects.
Develop Mental and Physical Endurance through expeditions and outdoor pursuits.
Activate a Relief Disaster Programme.
Develop young Talents and Values through participation in Paramount Championships and School Musicals.

School Hours

7.50am – 3.40pm