Enrolment Information

Enrolment is open throughout the year subject to the availability of places. Entry into Sekolah Sri KDU is based on:

  • A Readiness Test in English, Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia (Primary) or
  • Results in school and/or public examinations plus the record of conduct (Secondary)
  • Approval by the School Principal and
  • Any other manner the school deems fit

Where places are not available, applicants are placed on a Waiting List. However, the School reserves the right to assign priorities for admission or refuse admission for any reason it deems fit.

Application forms and further information may be obtained by contacting the Marketing Department at +603 – 61453888



 Download Sekolah Sri KDU Application for Admission Form

 Download PDP Notice and Choice of Principle

 Download Waiting List Form


Notice of 2023 Fee Schedule (New Students)

Please see below the fee schedule for the 2023 school year.

Type of Fee Fee (RM) Description
Registration Fee 1,000 Non-refundable & non-transferable unless the school rejects the registration
Readiness Test Fee 100 Primary School Applicants only. Non-refundable & non-transferable
Deposit 5,200 Refundable with written notice of withdrawal submitted 6 months before commencement of school intake

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Tuition Fee

(Payable twice per academic year)


Total Annual School Fees


Primary 1 11,650 23,300
Primary 2 12,510 25,020
Primary 3 12,875 25,750
Primary 4 12,075 24,150
Primary 5 12,525 25,050
Primary 6 12,750 25,500
Secondary 1 12,800 25,600
Secondary 2 13,170 26,340
Secondary 3 13,255 26,510
Secondary 4
14,025 28,050
Secondary 4
14,538 29,076
Secondary 5
14,120 28,240
Secondary 5
14,650 29,300

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  • Fees published are subject to annual revision.
  • Primary 1 - 3 fees above are inclusive of meal plans.
  • Examination Fee for the SPM (subject to fee charged by the Malaysian Examination Syndicate) is payable with the 1st payment of fees. 
  • Tuition fees exclude transportation, uniforms, optional enrichment activities and other fees. Tuition Fees must be paid on or before the due date for the payment as stipulated on the invoice to secure the student's place at the school.