There is a security post each at the main entrance and exit to the school premises with guards on 24-hour duty. In total, there are 187 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the building. For the purpose of security control, all students are required to be dressed in uniform during school hours and while attending co-curricular activities. All teachers, academic and administrative personnel are required to wear the staff identification tag. Parents and other visitors would need to register at the guard post when entering the school compound.


The infirmary is located in the administration block with a trained nurse on duty during school hours.


The School Student Counsellor is a trained and experienced staff who provides specialist services to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of students. Individual and group counselling support students as they navigate their schooling years. Students are given guidance in the areas of:

  • Personal counselling;
  • Academic advice;
  • Career exploration.

Available from Mondays to Fridays during school hours, students can make appointments to see the Counsellor at the counselling room or via e-mail.


Serving breakfast and lunch, the cafeteria’s menu contains a variety of Asian and Western meals.


Located on the ground floor, the bookshop sells textbooks, stationery, school uniform, name tags and student items.


Each student is provided a locker for his or her personal belongings.