Principal's Message

Sri KDU International School

Mrs Margaret Rafee

Principal's Message

Welcome to our vibrant school community! Sri KDU® International School has a very bold ambition: “To be the best international school in the world”. We believe in high expectations for ourselves and our students hence such an aspiration. Even if we do not achieve this ambition, we believe through striving for it, we will achieve the very best possible for our students; we believe that it is the journey, rather than the destination, which is important. We judge how close we are to achieving this goal by finding out how our students feel about their educational experience.

We promote a spirit of excellence in all that we do. This can be evidenced through the outstanding academic outcomes for our students at both IGCSE and IBDP levels as well as through the achievement of the Gold Award for the International School Quality Mark (ISQM), the highest level of award, given by the Educational Development Trust, who confer this award to international schools in the UK and around the world. We were the first international school in Malaysia to achieve the Gold Award for ISQM. 

It is the development of each student, in a holistic way, rather than solely the academic outcomes which leads to the school achieving such accolades. We believe in celebrating all of the talents of our students through a comprehensive sports and Co-Curricular Learning Programme (CCL). Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitions and events through FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) and through AIMS (Association of International Malaysian Schools); both of these prestigious bodies have high standards of membership criteria, so it is another confirmation of the excellence of the school that we meet those standards for membership. Each year, students have a unique opportunity to participate in the Paramount Championship; this is an amazing talent competition organised completely by students for students. There are categories of the competition to suit a wide range of talents, including Chinese Calligraphy, Culinary, Solo Singing, Modern Dance and Public Speaking, to name but a few. From Year 1 through to Year 13, students have many opportunities to excel in the creative arts, sports and service activities.

The international school motto is “Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now” so we promote leadership skills in every student, every day. This starts in the classroom where our pedagogy “Building Learning Power” encourages all students to lead their own learning. We believe in a growth mindset which means we believe that every student has the capability to achieve and to be a leader. As well as being a golden thread, which runs throughout the curriculum and co-curricular learning, there are specific high quality programmes which students can follow to develop their leadership skills, such as the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Leo Club, Eco-Schools Programme and PTPI ( People-to- People-International). Through these programmes and the school ethos, we aim to provide a values-led education which develops future leaders, of Malaysia and the world, who can lead with wisdom and compassion.

We are proud to be part of Prestigion Education as the group promotes the values of Wellbeing, Academic Quality, Dignity and Integrity. We are also proud to be part of KDU Schools SDN BHD as KDU has been recognized for providing quality education in Malaysia for over 30 years. The motto of the KDU Campus, which we also subscribe to, is “Malaysian Hearts, Global Minds”; this means that students attending our school get a high quality British education with a Malaysian flavour. We celebrate Malaysian culture and teach all students, whether they be Malaysian or “adopted” Malaysians, to recognise what makes a Malaysian heart. The focus on “Global Minds” also allows our students to develop into young people who can take their place in the global arena and make a difference in the world.

I hope that whilst exploring our website you will be able to see how we live the ambitions, mottos and values described in this message but please do come and visit our Kota Damansara campus to find out more. Visitors are always welcome.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”