Academic Results - IBDP

IBDP Results

The IBDP results were published on the 6th July 2018 and there were some fantastic achievements for the students who graduated in a wonderful ceremony organised by the IB Junior class on the very same evening. It was a lovely occasion celebrating the hard work and efforts the students have put into their education as SKISS students. The IBDP students achieved a good set of results when measured against their initial starting points and particular congratulations go to our valedictorian Oon Tjun Tji who achieved 39 points. Our average point score was 33.6 points with a 3 year average of 35.4 points. There were some very positive results with students gaining some excellent university places in the UK and the United States. Syawal Hazanan will be travelling to Nottingham University in the UK to study Genetics, Oon Tjun Tji has gone to the University of Lancaster, UK to study Computer Science and Aida Ileani Ross will be travelling to Georgetown in Washington DC in the USA to study Government and Politics.

There were many 7s achieved across a large number of subjects notably English A: Language and Literature and Malay which was taken as a subject here at SKISS for the first time this year. Syawal Hazanan achieved an A for his superb analysis skills in Theory of Knowledge. Other highlights included 3 students achieving As in their Extended Essays with two, Aida Ileani Ross and Lum Wei Kee (Venis) achieving 30/30 for their excellent research and write up skills. We are really proud of the way all the students worked in their final year here at SKISS given the demands and stress of the IB Diploma Programme. Their results are indicative of the progress they have made and they have set themselves up well for the future in a number of very prestigious universities around the world. Well done to the IBDP cohort of 2018!