Social Responsibility
At Sri KDU International School, our students not only aim to achieve academically but also to develop holistically. We take service and community engagement very seriously. Apart from the many fundraising events, students actually engage with the community they raise funds for. 
Students take ownership of what activities and which charitable organisation they support each year. At the start of each academic year, students nominate and then cast their vote for two charities that the school will support over the following academic year. While students can choose to support an international charity, the charity must have a base in Malaysia and has a specific project running in Malaysia, which can be directly supported by the funds raised.
Watch this space for the outcome of the charities’ vote for Academic Year 2020-2021! 
In the meantime, we are thrilled to share that SKISS students raised the tremendous amount of RM31, 137.30, through various fundraising activities, in 2019-20, which has been shared equally between our two chosen charities, Hospis Malaysia and Juara Turtle Project. Despite the impact of COVID-19, which prevented visits to both charities, both Hospis Malaysia and Juara Turtle Project expressed their delight in the contributions, especially during these trying times.


Hospis Malaysia

HOSPIS Malaysia is a charitable organisation providing professional community palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses (including cancer, AIDS, organ failure or progressive neurological conditions). HOSPIS Malaysia provides access to the highest possible quality of evidence-based palliative care to everyone in need to provide relief from and prevent pain and suffering associated with progressive and life-threatening illnesses.

“On behalf of HOSPIS Malaysia, thank you to the students and staff of Sri KDU International School for supporting HOSPIS Malaysia, and for the amazing work from the students to raise the sum of RM15,568.65.  It is through such generous contributions that we are able to continue providing professional palliative care to people facing life limiting illnesses, so that they can continue to live as well as possible despite their illness. 
With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working closely with our MOH colleagues to step up our domiciliary patient care to keep these vulnerable patients safe at home, to minimize their risk of being infected by the virus. The current pandemic has also affected our public donations. The support from Sri KDU is therefore very timely.”
HOSPIS Malaysia

Juara Turtle Project

Juara Turtle Project is an independent NGO which has been working towards the conservation of sea turtles for over 10 years. Juara Turtle Project protects the remaining nesting sea turtle population around Tioman Island by raising awareness of the devastating issues that are globally affecting these beautiful and highly endangered species.

“We are so incredibly delighted to hear of such good news from the school's fund raising activities! The sum of RM15,568.65 raised is going to be a big help to Juara Turtle Project during this very difficult time. We had been unable to operate our volunteer programme due to restrictions of the Movement Control Order since March until June this year, thus greatly affecting the project's manpower to carry out crucial conservation tasks and also its financial capabilities.”
Juara Turtle Project



SKIS has a dedicated coral tank at Juara Turtle Project!

We are proud to share that Juara Turtle Project has dedicated their coral tank to SKIS. Last year, the tank was used to propagate coral fragments in controlled conditions. Broken fragments were collected from the local reefs, moved into the tank and their health and viability monitored for a period of time, before then transplanting them to their man-made structures with hopes of filling in damaged areas of the reef.

This year, they have been conducting a study of different coral species and observing their resilience to temperature increase. With global sea temperatures on the rise, more and more coral bleaching take place; knowing which corals are more hardy and will give researchers an insight into which species are more likely to survive the rising temperatures and therefore focus their efforts on growing those corals on their structures.
We love that the monies raised were used in such a meaningful manner. Even though a planned visit, in July, obviously did not materialise due to the pandemic and students missed the chance to have hands-on experience at the site, this story shows that SKIS “walks the talk” as an ECO-SCHOOL! 


Breast Cancer Awareness Week 2019

Our International Baccalaureate Juniors took the lead in organising a very successful “Breast Cancer Awareness Week” in October 2019. Despite a gruelling academic schedule, the IBJ team, put on a whole host of events that supported this very worthy cause. The start of the week saw a real buzz of excitement, in the cafeteria, at lunch time. For only RM3, students could request a song of their choice and dance their way through their lunch time. Besides this, there were raffles and the opportunity to sign up for the big event of the week, the bake-sale.
Mid-week, students gathered in school, in a sea of pink and red, as they embraced mufti day and flocked to the annual famous bake sale. It was fantastic to see more stalls than ever at both the KS3 and KS4 lunchtimes. There was a delicious array of enticing and tasty foods ranging from cupcakes, homemade savoury snacks and treats as well as cookies, chocolates and too many other desserts to name. The stall holders demonstrated their superb entrepreneurial and business management skills.
During PSHLE, students from different year groups dedicated “care cards of HOPE” to breast cancer survivors. Overall, this week demonstrated what a wonderful loving, caring and supportive school we are. 


My classmates and I took up the opportunity to organise the Breast Cancer Awareness Week which was held from the 31st of September till the 4th of October. This was my first project of the school term. The SKISS Breast Cancer Awareness Week has become a tradition for IB juniors to organise each year as it is not only a great opportunity for our CAS but also to raise awareness of this concerning issue among the secondary students of SKIS.
We were given 3 weeks to plan and prepare everything before the actual week started. Initially, I thought it was impossible to do this with only 10 people, but with the guidance of our teachers and IB seniors, it wasn’t as tough as it sounded. I was responsible for creating and designing the posters and the photo booth props. I also conducted a Year 8 Assembly to give them more details on breast cancer awareness week. On the bake sale day, I was in charge of the photo booth as we used my Polaroid cameras to take photos. We also held a bake sale and collected money form students for the school wide mufti-day.
Overall, we managed to surpass our goal by a massive amount, raising over RM2000 for Breast Cancer charities. With the amount of time invested in this project by the entire IB Junior class, I am pleased with the result. We also managed to create an educational and enjoyable week while raising money for a charity.
Iman Safiya



Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

Sri KDU International School has been a long term supporter of the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, since 2014. At least once every half term and sometimes more frequently, parents, students and teachers come together to help out at the soup kitchen and take along items of clothes which can be distributed amongst the needy. Collection of pre-loved items is an on-going effort at the school the whole year round.

We believe that community engagements like these will raise awareness and cultivate our students’ compassion for the more vulnerable segments of society, developing them into well-rounded leaders of tomorrow, in line with our school motto, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now.