Social Responsibility

At Sri KDU International School, we take social responsibility very seriously. We have organised many fundraising events for various charities over the last six years. At the beginning of each year students get the opportunity to vote and decide on two main charities that the school will support over the following academic year. Each charity must be based in Malaysia but students can choose to support an international charity as long as it has a specific project running in Malaysia that can be directly supported by the funds raised.


For the Academic Year 2018-19, the students have selected:

United Voice

United Voice advocates and ensures that persons with learning disabilities are respected as individuals as well as given the right to education, employment and community living.

PAWS Malaysia

PAWS is an animal shelter that has been in operation since 1987, the main objective of the organisation is to reduce the amount of unwanted animals in the country. They do this by sheltering and caring for as many unwanted animals as they can handle, putting them up for adoption in hopes that the animals can find new homes. They also promote awareness on the importance of neutering your pets.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Week is held in October each year. Students organise various events throughout the week including sponge the teachers and a bake sale during lunch times. Malaysian Breast Cancer Welfare Organisation and Breast Cancer Research Malaysia are the main beneficiaries of the funds raised.

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

Sri KDU International School has been a long term supporter of the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen. At least once every half term or more frequently sometimes, parents, students and teachers help out at the soup kitchen and take along items of clothes which can be distributed amongst the needy. Collection of pre-loved items is an on-going effort at the school the whole year round.