Message from the IBDP Coordinator


Mr Edward Baxter

Message from the IBDP Coordinator

The IBDP at Sri KDU International School is an exciting way to build upon a student's secondary education. Whether they have qualifications in IGCSEs or through the MYP or SPM programmes, the IB Diploma Programme is simply one of the best foundations for universities worldwide.

At Sri KDU International School, we provide personalised teaching and learning that really enables students to develop themselves as learners, meeting the requirements of the IB Learner Profile and achieving some of the highest IBDP scores in Malaysia. The 3-year average of IBDP results at the school is 35.7 points out of a possible 45, the world average over a 3-year period is 29.7 points. Our teachers are experts in their fields and are a mixture of expatriate and extremely experienced local staff which ties in well with the school philosophy of “Malaysian Hearts, Global Minds.” Capping the cohort size at 25 in each year group also gives teachers the opportunity to deliver differentiated learning that caters to the needs of individual students, something which is essential at the IBDP level. It also creates a smaller family atmosphere which is what makes running the IB programme at SKISS such a pleasure for me as the coordinator.

Be it completing a 4000-word research paper on a subject of their choice in the Extended Essay or questioning the nature of the knowledge they encounter in Theory of Knowledge lessons, the IBDP challenges and extends our students. Traditionally high achievers, students at SKISS really have their learning taken to the next level by their expert teachers and their peers.

Outside the classroom, the students are responsible for completing the Creativity, Activity and Service part of the IBDP which really enables them to develop as people in the wider community. One of the largest projects in 2018 is fundraising to help construct a school in Cambodia, something that enables the students to empathise with those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Attending Sri KDU International School really does give students a global perspective through world-class education and it is quite simply an excellent preparation for university anywhere in the world.

IBDP Coordinator