FOBISIA U13 Games 2019
Sri KDU International School is proud to welcome back our champion athletes who were sent to represent the school at the FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) Under 13 Games. The competition was held from 20th February until the 24th February 2019 in Sports Camps Australia located in Phuket, Thailand.
Our sports teachers have been busy preparing the students to harness their competitive edge and without a doubt, they have proudly given their best in the sports categories participated. Apart from portraying great sportsmanship, amazing teamwork and having a good time, our students also managed to achieve astonishing achievements in multiple sports categories, seizing medals and capturing unforgettable sports competitive experiences. 
The results are as below:
1. Swimming -1st place (21 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals & 7 Bronze medals)
2. Athletics - 2nd place (16 Gold medals, 17 Silver medals & 10 Bronze medals) 
3. Basketball:
a. Girls - 1st place
b. Boys - 3rd place
Our students have not only made the school proud, but most importantly, they have also successfully developed positive sportsman traits within themselves which would carry them further in both physical and personal development.
Congratulations to all the teams and welcome back!