Experience Sharing by IGCSE 2019 Top Achievers


We managed to catch our IGCSE 2019 Top Achievers who have shared their experience studying here at SKIS. 
Cheam Hay Lee who scored 12A*
     I had an amazing 10 years at Sri KDU Schools. I was at Sri KDU Primary school from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and then continued at SKISS from Year 8 to Year 11. Throughout my years at Sri KDU Schools, I had many opportunities to participate in school-wide events such as the annual school production, Paramount Championships, Interhouse Games, Sports Days. While participating in these events, I was also given the opportunity to take on several leadership roles which truly shaped me into who I am today. 
The learning environment in SKISS is very nurturing with teachers and staff ever ready to provide support and guidance. Also, my peers, seniors and even juniors helped me achieve my goals in one way or another with their inspiring and invaluable team spirit. I have not only had the best teammates and study mates but lifelong friends in a very caring SKISS scholastic community. 
Honestly, I did encounter difficulties initially with subjects which were new but by revising repeatedly and reading up on the difficult topics, I managed to overcome the difficulties in time. 
I chose Sri KDU International School because of its all-rounded and holistic ethos. 
Ian Sung Yihang who scored 11A*
     Throughout my time here, I was driven to do my absolute best and to always work to better myself, academically or otherwise. I have had countless opportunities to try new things and go out of my comfort zone.
In one word, the learning environment at SKIS is inclusive. The teachers never focus on just the smartest students or just the weakest ones, they try to get everyone involved as much as possible. From all the subjects offered here at SKIS, English Literature was surprisingly my favourite subject by the end of my IGCSE course. This was mostly due to the infectious enthusiasm of our teacher, Mrs Gwilt, who helped me to greatly develop my analytical and writing skills through different projects and guided us through thought-provoking discussion. 
I am now doing A-Levels in England. Although I do admire that the IBDP makes those who complete it very well-rounded and mature individuals. Going abroad will give me a chance to experience what living independently is like, and to prepare myself adequately for university life. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and experience a new culture. 
Poh Ee Jean who scored 11A*
     Studying in SKIS has been a long, but definitely rewarding journey. Year 7 was a rocky start, but thanks to the school and teachers, I was able to quickly settle in and make friends. Key stage 3 was a phase where I was able to build tight bonds while developing critical skills such as communication and teamwork. Becoming a prefect in year 9 was a huge change as I started to take on duties and responsibilities. Transitioning into year 10 was rough as I had to give a lot of thought to my future, but thanks to the support from my family, friends and teachers, I was able to make the right decisions.
The learning environment at SKIS is very supportive as a result of the school’s effort to provide the best education, encouragement and incentive for the students. On top of excellent facilities and exceptional education, I chose SKISS because of its awe-inspiring motto – “Tomorrow’s Leaders – HERE & NOW”. This motto truly motivated me to become a future leader, and for the past five years, the school has definitely shaped me into a leader by providing me with various opportunities and activities to do so.
I am now doing A-Levels at Oxford International College. My advice to all my fellow juniors, make sure to pay attention in class as you never know what will come in handy during the exam. Prepare in a way that suits you, and definitely do not procrastinate until the last second.
We here at SKIS would like to congratulate our IGCSE 2019 Top Achievers once again for their excellent results and we wish everyone all the best!