Interview with Yap Sam Yun, IGCSE 2020 Top Achiever (Scored 12A*s)
Despite the hard times facing this pandemic, our IGCSE Class of 2020 managed to achieve outstanding results.
We managed to catch our IGCSE 2020 Top Achiever, Yap Sam Yun who scored 12A*s. She has shared with us her experience at Sri KDU International School (SKIS) as well as her study tips, which led her to achieve outstanding results.
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Yap Sam Yun. I’m 16 years old. I am a Malaysian student who enjoys studying at SKIS and has joined SKIS since I was in Year 4.
Why did you choose Sri KDU International School (SKIS)?
I believe that it is easier to make the most out of my secondary education in an environment which I am familiar and comfortable in; as I have been in this school ever since I was in Year 4. Therefore, there is no doubt that SKISS would be the best choice for my IGCSE.
Can you share your experience studying at Sri KDU International School?
I made lots of memories with like-minded people whom I am confident I will keep in touch with years down the road. 
How would you describe the learning environment here at Sri KDU International School?
SKIS is a school filled with opportunities for those who seek for them, where teachers are always available to help further your understanding as long as you are proactive, and students motivate one another to work. 
What activities were you involved in at school?
As for Sports, I am involved with the Handball and Basketball School Team. This is definitely a stress reliever! It is something that I look forward to every day. I also enjoy debating as this has trained me to always be aware as well as developing my own opinions towards the world-wide issues
What subjects did you take for your IGCSE? Why did you choose this subject combination?
Other than the core subjects, I took Additional Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, History and Economics. Whilst my main interest lies in STEM subjects. As I wanted to keep my choices broad, I also took 2 humanities subjects. 
Which is your favourite subject? Why do you like it?
Mathematics. It is a field of study that has been so well-developed. Once you start questioning an equation that is seemingly simple on paper, you find that it is actually the tip of the iceberg - supported by many sophisticated, logical theories and evidence, one leading to another. And eventually, you find out that these are not just numbers on a piece of paper, they exist everywhere around you - in nature, in buildings, etc.  
As a conclusion, it’s fun!
Can you share your study methods? 
I study on a regular basis, for approximately 2 hours each day on weekdays - more if there’s home learning - and 5 to 6 hours on weekends. On weekdays I make it a habit to type out everything I've learnt in school that day - so that it goes into my long term memory. As for weekends, I focus on a different subject each week.
For mathematics and additional mathematics, I practised on past year papers and compile a list of common careless mistakes to remind myself.
For sciences, I tested myself by writing notes in a Q&A format, with guidance from the syllabus. 
For humanities, I made mind maps and flashcards for key information (such as key dates in History).
Would you be able to share any tips on achieving a high score in IGCSE?
Find a study plan which suits you and makes you comfortable. If you are unable to deal with stress like me, dedicate the entire school year to gradual revision and relax during exam periods. If you are not one to stick to a consistent study routine, perhaps divide your weeks into highly-productive weekends and chill weekdays.  
Which programme / university will you be going to? Why did you select this programme?
I have yet to decide on the university I will be applying for, but as of now, I am planning to pursue a degree in computer science. This is because I feel that it is the best way where I can contribute to society, which is through technological advances.
We here at SKIS would like to congratulate Sam Yun once again for her excellent IGCSE results and we wish her all the best for her future undertakings.