Outstanding Results for November 2020 IGCSE Examination Series


We are delighted to announce the results of the November 2020 IGCSE Examination Series. Our students took examinations in Malay (123 of Year 11 students), Mandarin (35 students) and Mathematics (all Fast-Track Cohort) and the results were as follows: Mandarin (MFL): 100% A*, Malay: 98% A*/A, Mathematics: 87% A*/A. 
We would like to congratulate all of the students for achieving such amazing results in such challenging circumstances. These results are a testament to the resilience, hard work and determination of our students. Even they were devastated when the examinations were cancelled in May 2020 but they have picked themselves up and overcame the challenges of remote learning and only a month and a half in a physical school. 
The Top Achieving students as follows:
 Subjects  Students

 Ivan Yeoh Sheng Kuan

 Mandarin MFL

 Rachel Lo Xin Ying

 Malay MFL




 Rachel Lo Xin Ying

 W Sofia Ellisya Binti Wan Shalihudin

 Jacqueline Ker Jia Qi

 Scott Hong Tat Yang