Enrichment - House System

House System

In the spirit of building character, the Houses in SKIPS (as in SKISS) are named after great world leaders; Coubertin, Mandela, Curie and Shackleton.

Each year, there are four House events which children compete in. The House events are often linked with other events in school such as the Eco Day or Sports Day.

On entering SKIPS, students are assigned a House. They remain in this House for the remainder of their time in SKIS. To create a feeling of belonging and tradition, siblings will be placed in the same House.

Each House has a Leader (a member of SKIPS staff), a Captain and a Vice Captain (Y6 children). The House Leaders are decided each year in September. The Captain and Vice Captains are voted for by the children in the first House gathering of the year.

In the first House Challenge event of the year, the students learn about the qualities of the leader their House is named after. They compete against each other to design flags which are symbolic of their House and demonstrate their knowledge creatively. In other subsequent events, students are encouraged to be creative and work cooperatively too.

For all events, the age groups are mixed which brings great benefits to our students. The older children can practise and demonstrate their skills as leaders and the younger children get a chance to follow by example and find a ‘buddy’ in an older class.

For each House Challenge Event, the students wear their House t-shirts. They wear these t-shirts on Fridays as this is when they take part in CCLs; this creates a sense of pride and promotes a sense of belonging.