In 2016, Sri KDU International School became a member of FOBISIA (the Federation of British International Schools in Asia). Being a member of FOBISIA offers us a range of events in which to take part; the FOBISIA Games is the most well-known of these. However, being a member of FOBISIA benefits us as a school far beyond the Games.

FOBISIA organises a wide range of events each year and SKIPS is increasingly capitalising on these opportunities for both staff and students.

Through FOBISIA events, students from different countries and cultures interact and enjoy working together on common interests. In the academic year 2017/ 2018, SKIPS took part in Writing competitions and Maths tournaments. Whilst some of these were conducted remotely using the internet, the International Primary school went to Vietnam for the Maths competition.

The profile of Sport in SKIPS has risen significantly over the past year and this can largely be attributed to our preparations for the FOBISIA U11 Games which take place in May each year. We are hopeful that we will make our debut performance at the U11 Games in Thailand in 2019.

Being a member of FOBISIA also helps us in recruiting high quality staff, since being a member of FOBISIA is often something which potential staff look for when selecting schools to apply for. The reason for this is largely due to the prestige and agreed contracts that are associated with FOBISIA membership. The agreed Codes of Conduct and membership criteria ensure high quality employment and recruitment practises as well as access to excellent professional development.

FOBISIA organises conferences and workshops where teachers from across Asia can meet to share good practice, swap ideas and receive professional training from invited consultants around the world. These events help keep our teachers up to date and provide opportunities for them to study for further qualifications. This year our International staff attended training which has impacted our practice in humanities (theme teaching) and Maths provision.

FOBISIA membership is also reassuring for parents since it acts as a quality mark for provision and indicates the school’s commitment to ensuring recruitment of the best teachers and maintaining standards through effective training and support.

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