Foreword by the Principal


Whether you are joining Sri KDU International School for the first time or you are returning for another year I extend a warm welcome and wish everyone a rewarding and successful academic year 2021-2022. We had an enormous number of challenges to face last academic year; aIl members of the SKIS community rose to those challenges, showing great resilience and optimism throughout. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Principal Margaret Rafee, Katie Tomlinson, Andrew Wyeth, the Senior Leadership Team and the whole faculty for sustaining continuity, maintaining momentum and supporting success in such difficult times.
We aspire to academic excellence, as is seen by our IGCSE and IBDP graduates of 2021. Our students, more than anyone, suffered as a result of the school closures, as well as the increased difficulty in preparation for varied formative and summative assessments, but strove to do their best. They did not allow anything to defeat them, worked extremely hard throughout their courses and fully deserved the excellent results achieved. The IBDP students did very well and our average point score of 37.6, was the highest class average, of any cohort that have graduated from SKIS. Well done to the IBDP team. I would also like to thank all of the Year 11 teachers for their great effort in ensuring the students did their best and we look forward to the IGCSE results. 
Another measure of success for our school is that we retain students year on year, with almost 100% making the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. Retaining high student numbers for the coming academic year, despite all of the academic and economic challenges caused by the global pandemic, is even more exceptional. This shows the success of our high quality remote learning, as well as the trust and confidence parents have in the school. With the support of the company, even parents who were hugely affected economically by the closure of businesses, from September 2020 to June 2021, have been able to keep their children in SKIS.  
We were very pleased that our re-accreditation visit for ISQM, implemented remotely in February 2021, helped us retain the Gold status that we were awarded in February 2017. Unfortunately, due to the visit being implemented remotely, we were unable to participate in the BSO (British Schools Overseas) accreditation. We aim to achieve this goal this academic year. Our consistent high standards in academic outcomes, pastoral care and holistic education allow us to be very confident of being as successful in BSO accreditation as we were in ISQM re-accreditation.
We are part of the XCL Education group, which is the largest provider of K-12 education in Malaysia. Under the leadership of Dr Goh Chee Leong, the group CEO and Mr Eugene Yeoh, the CEO of Sri KDU Schools, we are guided on our journey entitled “Project Everest”. We have a mission and vision to drive us forward, which is detailed elsewhere in this handbook. This is very important in an ever-changing world, with the educational landscape, globally as well as locally, needing to adapt. In this time of change, we will continue to ensure that SKIS continues to be the vibrant, successful and happy school that we all want it to be. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

We have continued to educate our students in areas that will inspire them to want to make a difference in the world. The students’ commitment to environmental matters is demonstrated through our Eco-Schools programme throughout the year but especially through the annual Eco-Day. We have an environmental policy for all to follow and many areas of the curriculum, as well as PSHLE, teach about the importance of sustainability. This commitment to environmental awareness is recognised in our award of the WWF Green Flag, which is the highest award within the global eco-schools programme. 
Early in the new academic year, the students will choose the charity that they would like their fund-raising to support. Part of the education at SKIS is to ensure that the students understand that not everyone is as fortunate as they are and through our charity work they have the opportunity to experience this first hand and to really make a difference to the lives of others. In the past, the students raised money to support a school in Cambodia, which was the focus of the IBDP students’ service work for several years, even though, in 2020 and 2021, we were unable to make a visit there in the usual way. Our students are very committed to making a difference in the world and have lots of fun whilst trying to achieve this. We plan to contribute more in 2021-2022.

"We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something."
Marie Curie

Last academic year we spent much time and energy focusing on support and the well-being of all stakeholders in our school community and we will continue to prioritise this in the year ahead. Online and hybrid learning was difficult, but through collaboration amongst all of the stakeholders in our community, we succeeded. We have also made student safeguarding a priority and this will continue to be a focus in 2021-2022.
We have an excellent team of highly able teachers who can awaken joy in the students and develop them as learners rather than simply getting the best academic results. We need to make the most of everyone’s skills and knowledge by working together as a team, sharing good practice and working towards the same goals. We also need to apply The Learning Power Approach in our own work as teachers, not just develop them in students.  The goal that we are all working towards is to make the students and parents feel that they attend a school that is “The best international school in the world”. I look forward to working with you in this academic year and to moving closer to this goal thanks to your contributions.

"The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete."
Pierre de Coubertin

George Piacentini
September 2021




“Transforming lives through education”



“To become the most successful, most trusted and most innovative K-12 education group in South East Asia”


Education Charter

  • We inspire students and staff to lead, share and serve.
  • We create a community in which learning, teaching and research are encouraged, enabled and enjoyed.
  • We promote critical thinking, independent learning and creative problem solving.
  • We nurture individuals to be ethical and responsible global citizens.
  • We share our success with stakeholders and the community we serve.


The Sri KDU International School aspiration is

“To be the best international school in the world”


The Sri KDU schools’ Motto is

Malaysian Hearts, Global Minds 

Although the school is international in curriculum, the majority of students who attend the school are Malaysian, thus it is important that we nurture their “Malaysian Hearts” as well as developing their “Global Minds” as befits an international approach. It is also important for all members of the SKIS community who are not Malaysian by nationality to understand what a “Malaysian Heart” is. We nurture the “Malaysian Heart” in many ways from playing the National Anthem in Assemblies to celebrating Malaysia Day with special assembly. All students study Bahasa Malaysia, the values of Malaysia through Moral Studies or the values of Islam through Islamic Studies as well as studying Malaysian History through special projects. The “global minds” of the students are developed through the international curriculum as well as through many different partnerships across the world, including through the People-to-People-International Chapter.


The Sri KDU International School motto is

Tomorrow’s Leaders: Here and Now

The student body of SKIS is made up of those who will be the future leaders of Malaysia and internationally; the school was founded as part of the nation building for Malaysia. As such, it is essential that the leadership skills and character of our students is built up from Year 1- Year 13 so that they can be the type of leaders that Malaysia and the world needs to promote peace, stability and success for all. The leadership ethos of the school is founded upon the works of Stephen R Covey: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Leader in Me”. All teachers employed in SKIS should read these seminal texts for their own development and so that they can ensure that they embed the seven habits into every aspect of their work. We embed the 7 Habits into the school through Assemblies and the PHSLE programme delivered in Form Time. There are also many opportunities for students to develop character and display leadership through the Prefect System, the House System, CCL Activities, student-led events such as The Paramount Championships and of course in their day-to-day learning through the active pedagogy we promote.