The Growth Threshold and Assessment Model (GTAM)

When the latest version of the National Curriculum of England was introduced to schools in 2014, the system of attainment levels was removed. Consequently, various schools in the UK were awarded assessment innovation funds to research and create different systems of tracking and reporting attainment. The model designed by Durrington High School fitted very closely with the SKIS’ Growth Mindset and BLP pedagogical values and so, from September 2017, we adopted our modified version of this model.

Students are assessed by several means upon entry to KS3: Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT) baseline tests and SKIPS end-of-Year 6 attainment threshold. Teachers decide on a starting threshold from Foundation to Developing to Secure to Excellence. Teachers and students are then challenged to develop through each of the thresholds and to maintain the top level of excellence when they have reached this point. Curriculum maps, schemes of learning and units of work are then back-planned based on the final KS4 grade of A* of content and skills. Learning targets are simple to understand for students based on the UOW (Unit of Work) rubrics. It would be expected for students to progress through 2 thresholds throughout an academic year: eg. Developing at the beginning to Excellence at the end. The aim of the school is to get all students to the "Excellence" level by the time they sit their final IGCSEs.

Curricula are designed to progress through each key stage eg: Excellence in Year 7 would correspond to Secure in Year 8. 

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
      Excellence Secure
    Excellence Secure Developing
  Excellence Secure Developing Foundation
Excellence Secure Developing Foundation  
Secure Developing Foundation    
Developing Foundation      

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