Mathematics Department
Mathematics Department
“Do not worry about your difficulties in maths, I can ensure you mine are still greater"

Our Aims

The Mathematics Department strives to inspire a lifelong passion for mathematics for all students. Our courses are designed to instil a deep understanding of mathematical concepts with the ability to apply knowledge in unfamiliar contexts. We encourage our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The Growth Threshold and Assessment Model (GTAM) we are using is well suited to Mathematics. We encourage the students to try different methods to solve problems and to learn that a wrong method can inform your reasoning and ultimately lead to a correct method.

Our Curriculum

In Years 7-9 the students follow the KS3 National Curriculum of England which gives them a grounding in the basics of Mathematics across a wide range of topics. The topics are split up into Number and Algebra, Shape, Information Handling and Using and Applying Mathematics. At KS4, we offer 2 IGCSE syllabi: Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Mathematics is compulsory for all students and the majority follow the extended syllabus. Additional Mathematics is an option for students and we have a high intake for these classes. However all students opting for Additional Mathematics are required to sit for an assessment test. Additional Mathematics is equivalent in difficulty to Standard Level of IBDP. At KS5, we offer Mathematics at both Higher Level and Standard Level.