Computing & ICT Department
Computing & ICT Department
“The most dangerous phrase in the English language is: ‘We’ve always done it this way”

Our Aims

The aim of the Computing and ICT department is to prepare students for a world in which technology will dominate their everyday lives; a world where you are driven to work in a driver-less car, where you can pay for things with a touch of your phone and where you can virtually meet with anyone in the world.

We want our students to be technology innovators not just technology users.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum covers all aspects of Computing and ICT. We cover:

• Algorithm design and program development – to ensure that our students can use technology to solve problems.
• Data representation and hardware - to ensure that our students can make informed decisions about the technology to buy in the future,
• Communication and networking - to ensure that our students are familiar with how the networks that they use every day, are designed and developed.
• Information technology - to ensure that our students are able to create a variety of different digital products for different audiences and purposes.