French Department
French Department
“Vouloir, c’est pouvoir!”
“To wish is power!”

Our Aims

The French Department aims to equip students with the basic skills of the language and build confidence to communicate in French. Students gradually learn to understand written and spoken French and to communicate in speech and in writing.

Our approach is very interactive, using a variety of activities. Our small classes enable more one-to-one support. We try to make learning even the trickiest grammar and pronunciation points fun and therefore memorable.

We encourage an understanding of French culture, via online links, cultural events in KL and particularly via our exchange programme with our partner school near Bordeaux, France.

In addition to developing their communication skills, students also develop the ability to analyse language. Students search for clues in texts which at first sight seem daunting, persevering until they understand the key message and important details. We tackle the challenges together, making the study of French accessible and stimulating for all.

Our Curriculum

When students join us in Year 7, a few may have learnt a little French at primary school, but most are complete beginners. Everyone soon gets under way, in a supportive environment which rewards effort, not just achievement. At Key Stage 3, we study topics covering many aspects of everyday life, gradually building a bank of grammar knowledge as we go, including the use of the present, past and future tenses. Students are actively encouraged to make links in their learning, practising and building on prior knowledge, supported by their easy-reference folders.

The IGCSE course at Key Stage 4 builds on the foundations of Key Stage 3, revisiting some previous topics using more complex language and adding more adult topics, such as relationships, health issues and the environment. As at Key Stage 3, we constantly work to develop all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing, all of which are given equal weighting in the IGCSE examinations. Students are trained to understand longer, more challenging texts and to express themselves at greater length, using more sophisticated and varied language and structures. The majority of our students achieve high grades at IGCSE.