History Department
History Department
“To be unaware of what happened before your life is to forever remain a child”

Our Aims

We regard History as the most interesting and dynamic subject in the curriculum. We see it as the door to opening minds, to opening up skills, to opening up careers, and yes, to opening up the past. As an international team, with a great blend of youth and experience, we have the know-how, the passion and the energy within us to convey to the students and to inspire them all about this wonderful subject. We love to question, to challenge, to create, and to re-create, and we aim to inspire all students of all ages, all abilities, all backgrounds and all aspirations to progress, to achieve, and to be content.

We aim to explore the world’s history, both recent and ancient, through political, economic, and social lenses. We want to use the unique talents and characteristics of the student body to push the boundaries of learning and of the subject. This is a partnership between teachers, students and parents.


Our Curriculum

In Years 7-9, Key Stage 3 students study skills and techniques in History as well as popular topics such as Slavery, Empire and the two World Wars. There is a varied and balanced approach using sources, essays and projects, Assessment is undertaken every 6 weeks or so. In Key Stage 4, students in Years 10 and 11 follow the Cambridge IGCSE History course, which comprises three written exams. This course is demanding, rigorous, but ultimately enriching in its depth and breadth. At Key Stage 5 we deliver the IB History Programme at both Standard and Higher Level. Assessment at KS4 and KS5 is undertaken along similar lines to KS3.