Bahasa Malaysia Department
Bahasa Malaysia Department
“Ilmu Pelita Hidup”
"Knowledge is the Light of Life"

Our Aims

Although Bahasa Malaysia is a compulsory subject only for Malaysian students in the school, in line with the MOE's requirement, we encourage all students to learn the language. The aim of our department is to ensure that all our learners, regardless of their ethnicity, are able to embrace the wealth and richness of the language. Our curriculum offers a wide variety of topics that will provide our students with the skills to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia in both the workplace and their daily lives, as well as equipping them to take the Cambridge IGCSE Malay examination in Year 10. Bahasa Malaysia is a language that unites many cultures across this region.

Our Curriculum

In Years 7-8, students explore the world of language through a range of units based on topics from the IGCSE syllabus. We ensure our students build the necessary skills across reading, writing and speaking.

In Years 9 & 10, students follow the Cambridge IGCSE Malay as a Modern Foreign Language syllabus. We believe that the IGCSE course that we provide, develops our students with essential lifelong skills, including creative writing and thinking skills.

Our aim is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills in our programme to enable students to become effective learners.