Mandarin Department
Mandarin Department
“Learn Chinese, Double Your World 学会中国话 朋友满天下 ”

Our Aims

The main aim of our Mandarin Department is to provide a platform for the learners to acquire language proficiency, cultural awareness and critical thinking skills so that they can be global citizens and succeed in any chosen professional discipline anywhere in the world.

Our Curriculum

In Key Stage 3, we offer classes of 3 levels: advanced, intermediate and basic. The advanced level focuses on reading, writing and summary skills whereas the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are the main foci for both the intermediate and basic level.

We use the Chinese Independent School book as our main teaching resource for the advanced level and the Easy Steps to Chinese, for both intermediate and basic levels.

In Key Stage 4, students study for IGCSE Chinese First Language, IGCSE Chinese Second Language or IGCSE Mandarin Chinese (Modern Foreign Language). We believe that through our curriculum, learners can become appreciative and critical readers and writers of Chinese.

In Key Stage 5, we deliver the IB Ab initio and Language B (both standard level and higher level).