Key Stage 3 Overview

Key Stage 3 Overview


Key Stage 3 at SKISS represents Years 7 to 9. This closely follows the National Curriculum of England, with modifications made to meet Malaysian Ministry of Education requirements.

At Key Stage 3 (Aged 11-14) students are taught a wide range of subjects. All students study the following subjects:

  • English (Including Drama)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Art
  • Computing 
  • Design Technology (DT)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) – all students will study Bahasa Malaysia plus French or Mandarin.
  • Music
  • Personal Social, Health and Leadership Education (PSHLE)
  • Physical Education (PE)

All subjects follow a programme of study that allows adequate range and content to ensure that the National Curriculum is taught in an engaging and informative way.


Personalised progress in all of the aforementioned subject areas is key to our learners realising their potential. To do this we need to have a clear idea of what a student’s potential is in each subject so that we can measure how they are doing at different points; we encourage all students to strive for their best and make progress throughout the key stage. At SKISS we use a multitude of data including CAT3 (third generation Cognitive Ability Test) to inform student targets. All students take the assessment as part of our admissions process. In KS3 regular assessments using the GTAM (Growth Threshold Assessment Model) allow students to strive to a level of excellence. Through dialogue and feedback from teachers and self-reflection the students are aware of their ability in a range of skills and knowledge and make good progress within this. The students in KS3 also complete end-of-year examinations and these are measured against their baseline assessments that are completed at the start of the Key Stage.


Throughout the KS3 curriculum the use of ‘Building Learning Power’ (BLP) is embedded in the lessons. Students complete a BLP Passport (Launched Jan 2017) to highlight where they are using their BLP skills in lessons and beyond.