Key Stage 4 Overview

Key Stage 4 Overview

In Years 10 and 11, students at Sri KDU international School work towards obtaining IGCSE qualifications offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education. The two-year IGCSE programme is academically rigorous and recognised to be amongst the best in the world for this age-range of students. Many of the subjects have specific international elements and content developed by subject specialists to make the topics relevant to students worldwide.

AT SKISS, we not only offer the core subjects of English, Mathematics and the Sciences, but we also give our students the opportunity to choose from over 20 different IGCSE options. These range from Humanities, The Arts, PE and Commerce to a wide range of Languages. Alongside the academic subjects, our students can also choose from a wide variety of extra curricular activities such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award (International Award), sports teams and the Paramount Championship. We really are creating the leaders of tomorrow, here and now.


KS4 Assessment

The progress of all students is tracked very carefully throughout the IGCSE programme.

Minimum and aspirational targets are set for each subject based on their YELLIS scores. YELLIS is an online baseline test administered at the end of Year 9 which indicates expected performance in each subject at IGCSE. Throughout the course, each subject carries out regular formative assessment by various means. After each unit of work, there is a summative test for that unit.

The end of Year 10 examinations are considered as the first Mock Examinations. They are conducted in a way that reflects the actual examinations but with questions that cover only the parts of the syllabus which have been completed in the first year.

In January of Year 11, students take the full Mock Examinations as most of the syllabus is completed by December of Year 11 (End of Term 1). The students receive three reports in Year 10 and two reports in Year 11 which indicate current grades and steps that need to be taken to meet their targets.



Throughout the KS4 curriculum the use of ‘Building Learning Power’ (BLP) is embedded in the lessons.