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Home - School Communication

We see an effective education as a three-way partnership between the school, the student and the parent, so we make great efforts to ensure there is excellent home-school communication. This communication takes the following forms:

  • Parents – Teachers Conferences (by Year Groups e.g. Year 7 PTC)
  • Academic Review Day (All Year Groups together)
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings (Private Meetings)
  • Term Reports loaded to Parent Portal
  • Weekly message from Form Tutor
  • Weekly Parent Bulletin

If there are any concerns regarding progress, parents will be informed accordingly.

Parents receive 3 reports per year on their child’s progress and have the opportunity to meet the teachers face to face twice a year in a Parent/Teacher Conference.

There is an Orientation Day each September (start of our academic year) for new students and their parents.

We have a 48-hour response policy on queries by parents and if a parent urgently needs to see the Principal this will be arranged by the next working day after the request is made.

Our parents have a voice in improving the school as the Principal runs a monthly Parent Focus Group. Any parent can join this group and it is used to gather parent views about how the school is doing and what needs to improve.

We believe that students will only reach their full potential if their parents are deeply involved in their learning and progress.