Student Leadership

Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now

At Sri KDU International School, our motto is “Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now”; this is because we know what we want our students to be in the future. SKIS students are nurtured and developed to become leaders in both the public and private sectors, in Malaysia and around the world.

Our students learn from Year 1 to Year 13, that it will take more than top examination scores to enter elite universities or to be successful in the world of work. Hence at SKIS, not only do we deliver excellent academic results, we simultaneously focus on developing student leadership and character building.

To be successful leaders in the future, we believe our students need to be able to think “outside the box”, thrive beyond their comfort zone, manage change, make ethical decisions and have high levels of emotional intelligence. Through our curriculum, co-curricular learning and ethos, we equip our students to have all of the skills and values to match these traits of a successful leader.



House Captains - The role of the House Captain is primarily to serve as leadership role models to their fellow students in their Houses, lead the House Key Stage Leaders and to assist the Head of House in the implementation and coordination of House Activities and House-based Competitions.

House Key Stage Leaders - The role of the House Key Stage Leaders is primarily to support the House Captains and Heads of House in the implementation and coordination of House Activities and House-based Competitions.



We have a strong prefect body led by the Year 11 Head Prefects. The prefects form part of the Prefect Working Groups: Student Council, House Events, Student Ambassadors, Charities and Fundraising, Co-Curricular Learning and Paramount Championship. Each working group is responsible for an area of the school and working with a teacher adviser, strives to make a change in the school.


Student Council

Our Student Council is made up of class representatives who are voted in at the beginning of each academic year, and members of the Student Council Prefect working group. The Student Council conducts meetings to discuss areas in which students would like to see improvements and how to put their ideas into practice.

Members of our Student Council serve as ambassadors of the school by leading school tours during Open Days and assisting during Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs). Students in the Charities and Fundraising working group work tirelessly to raise money and awareness during a number of events throughout the year including ReadATon and Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Our main charity partner of the year is voted in by students each year.

Our student exchange programmes, leadership and motivational camps, educational trips and community projects all build confidence and self-esteem. This culminates in a balanced and holistic development of every student.

Every journey begins WITH A SINGLE STEP
But you’ll never finish IF YOU DON’T START

SKISS Leadership Development Programme

The Leadership Development Programme has been created for Key Stage 4 students to encourage, support and celebrate the development of their leadership skills, in line with the SKIS motto:


All these leadership initiatives enable students to take ownership of their own development and to bring together evidence of this journey in their accredited portfolio.

This portfolio will help our students to stand out in the crowd when applying for university places and career opportunities in the future.

The ability to lead is a multi-faceted skill, so the SKISS Leadership Development Programme charts three key strands of leadership development:

1. Personal Leadership Development
2. Service
3. Achievement

By the end of the programme, students will have had the opportunity to attain Gold Level across the three key strands. In order to do this, they will have to evidence their transition from being a team member, to taking on a specific role of responsibility, through to leading activities or events.



Since its inception in 2012 the Eco Schools programme has moved from strength to strength in Sri KDU International School and has developed into one of four schools in Malaysia that holds the prestigious Green Flag.

One of the cornerstones of the programme is to foster and encourage student leadership. The consolidation of the Eco Council has ensured that a number of students have had the opportunity to develop themselves as leaders, individuals and team players. The policy of the council is to have a Year 10 student in charge of the council which then plays an integral role in determining Eco School policies for all stakeholders.

To date there have been 6 presidents of the Eco Council who have been integral in developing the school to a level where Green Flag status was achieved in December 2016.

There have been a number of important achievements as a result of the Eco Schools programme:

1. Students have implemented an efficient paper recycling programme in the school.
2. Students have created an Eco Garden from which produce has been used in the canteen.
3. Students have organised and run three very successful whole-school Eco Days.
4. Awareness of Ecological and Environmental Issues has been raised significantly through implementation of lessons in the curriculum and through delivery across all Key Stages.
5. All students have made pledges to improve their impact on the environment.

The Eco Schools programme continues to go from strength to strength. For the first time in 2017 a group of students took part in the FOBISIA environmental conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.

All of these activities and commitments to improving the environment mean that Sri KDU International School is a leader in environmental awareness and it is something that we will continue to improve upon in the future.

In December 2018 the students will once again be looking to cement the schools Green Flag status whilst continuing to strive for a better environment for all.



In line with the Leo Club vision to serve local communities and make an impact in society, SKIS Leo members organise activities towards this vision.

Leo Club projects include collaboration with Leo Clubs from other schools and the National Blood Centre for a Blood Donation campaign, the Leo Carnival and Leo’s on-going recycling initiative. Proceeds help support orphanages and homes for the elderly. The Leos also answer calls for assistance such as work in the animal shelter, PAWS.


People to People International (PTPI) SKIS Chapter

Apart of the annual “Christmas Disco” to raise funds for SKIS’ chosen charity of the year, members participated in the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). They partnered with EPIC to build tables for the Dignity for Children Foundation’s school. They attended a two-day builders’ workshop where the participants learnt to handle different tools safely and the types of building materials before undertaking the actual project to construct tables. It encouraged the students to be more aware of the needs those less privileged and how their efforts could impact them. PTPI members also organised the SKIS Staff Appreciation Day for the school’s administration, maintenance, security, cleaners and cafeteria staff. They had members to manage food & beverage, photography, finance and games to ensure the event went well. In the process, members learnt about the contributions of the support staff to the school and gained a deeper appreciation for them.



The XCL Championship is an annual school-wide talent competition organised entirely by the Prefect Board of SKISS, with the objective of providing students a valuable platform to showcase their skills outside the academic fields and to find new talents within themselves. With events ranging from performance and photography to chess and the culinary arts, each and every student has the opportunity to participate and to compete. It is held all through Term 1, with the performing arts culminating in a spectacular live grand final in the last week of term. The XCL Championship would rival any TV talent show!

The Head Boy and Head Girl assume the role of Co-Presidents of the Committee. Assisted by a group of able students, they organise the annual school-wide talent show – The XCL Championship. What better way to develop our students as ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now’ than to give them complete ownership for a whole school event?



Students learn to become Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now in lessons too. We have class representatives and monitors and throughout the school during lessons, group work is established to encourage all students to take turns to lead in lessons and to collaborate with others. Students take different roles and present conclusions from different points of view. They may persuade, influence or refute, and in the process develop analytical and decision-making skills.

As our pedagogy is built upon “Building Learning Power”, all lessons are designed to develop at least one of the four learning habits: Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness. Students understand that by practising these four learning habits, they will achieve more.