School Trips

School Trips

Trips and excursion are an integral part of education at SKIS. Students have opportunities to visit a diverse range of locations from Kathmandu to London and from Batu Caves to Kuala Selangor.

We at SKISS believe that students should have an in depth understanding of the world around them through experiences outside the classroom.

The Geography department runs trips with every year group to a variety of locations to complement their learning.

  • Year 7 the students visit the Forest Rainforest Institute of Malaysia to develop their ecosystems studies.
  • Year 8 students complete a river study.
  • Year 9 students evaluate the impacts of industry on humans on the coasts of peninsular Malaysia.
  • At IGCSE level the students complete a tourism study examining the value to the Malaysian economy of sights such as KL Bird Park and Batu Caves.
  • At IBDP level the students conduct an in depth study of the urban heat island of Kuala Lumpur providing them with an excellent basis for their Internal Assessments.

International Trips form an important part of the SKISS enrichment programme and trips that have been organised include the United Kingdom, France, China, Nepal and Thailand.

SKISS organises annual student-exchange cultural trips to China. In April 2017, we added our inaugural student-exchange cultural trip to Bordeaux, France. These trips are really an important complement in the development of the students’ linguistic studies. The focus of these trips are not only on the tourist sites but we also organise visits to partner schools in the respective countries so that our students obtain the maximum benefit of immersing themselves in the local culture and community. In fact, our students boarded with the families of their pen-pals during the trip to Bordeaux!

Under the FOBISIA banner in 2017 students took part in the annual FOBISIA Environmental Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. These visits are a reflection of SKIS’ Eco-School commitment which was cemented in 2016 with the award of the Green Flag. Together with many other sports fixtures and events, students at SKIS really do get out and about to explore the wider world!

French Trip

Xi'an Trip

Year 7 FRIM Trip

Year 8 Educational Camp 1

Year 8 Educational Camp 2

Year 10 Geo Trip