IGCSE Results
Huge congratulations to all of our graduates!
Our top-performing student, Yap Sam Yun obtained an impressive 12 straight A*s while Angeline Tan Sue Yin, Chan Hui Wen, Ruby Lim Swan Kim, Sze Li Jian, Wong Wei Kang Edward and Yong Jia Xin obtained 11A*s which represents straight A* grades as they took 11 subjects. 
11% students attained 11A*/As and above, while 29% gained 10A*/As and above. 60% of the cohort achieved at least 7A*/A or above.
12 A*/A 1%
11 A*/A and above 11%
10 A*/A and above 29%
9 A*/A and above 41%
8 A*/A and above 50%
7 A*/A and above 60%
6 A*/A and above 67%
5 A*/A and above 74%

Source: Sri KDU International School

From our 2020 cohort:
  • 44.3% achieved A*
  • 71.0% achieved A*/A
  • 90.7% achieved A*-B
  • 97.8% achieved A*-C
This means that 98% of students gained credit in their examinations.  
As SKIS is an inclusive school that takes students of a wide range of ability, we are proud of the performance of students using the A*-C measure.


Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) exposes students to a broad and balanced curriculum and enables them to demonstrate competence in a wide range of subjects. Students are required to take subjects from five curriculum areas:
  • 2 from Languages
  • 1 from Humanities
  • 1 from Sciences
  • 1 from Mathematics
  • 1 from Creative & Vocational
There is 100% Pass Rate in the Cambridge ICE with 98.28% at Merit and above. Of this, there are 76.72% Distinctions. 
For subjects with high performance, 15 subjects achieved 60% A*/A or above, which is the internationally accepted benchmark for excellence and 2 subjects with an astounding 100% A*/A:
Subjects A*/A Grades
Foreign Language French 100.0
Music 100.0
Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese 95.2
Chinese 2nd Language 92.9
Physics 86.7
First Language Chinese 85.7
Biology 82.4
Chemistry 82.4
Additional Mathematics 82.3
Art & Design 81.8
Design & Technology 75.0
Information & Communication 75.0
Computer Science 73.0
Mathematics (without coursework) 68.4
Literature (English) 65.2