Our Magical Little Stars at the Magic & Science 2019
Sri KDU Primary School’s participation in the Magic & Science 2019 competition was magical indeed!
Our students marked excellent achievements the among the 10 schools that participated, which also included secondary school!
The winners are as follows:
Champion – Primary 3 (Won a cash prize of RM 1000 and a trophy)
Team Name: Fireworks
The Experiment: Underwater Fireworks
The students showcased the concept of density by mixing solutions of different densities such as oil, water, and food colouring. As these solutions were mixed, they disperse like an exploding firework. The most interesting part was when adding Alka Seltzer tablets fizzle furiously when dropped in water. The moment the tablet starts dissolving, a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide gas and produced bubbles occurs.  
1st Runner Up – Primary Two (Won a cash prize of RM 700 and a trophy)
Team Name: Twisters
The Experiment: Don’t Leaf Me, Twist Me!
A seed-like object was made by using two leaves of Acacia tree, some plasticine and a  piece of aluminium foil. 
The experiment took place as the students demonstrated by throwing it up, and observing the pattern as it falls. The object twirls and spins perfectly like helicopter propellers. 
Special Mention Prize for Best Project Showcase – Primary 1 (Won a cash prize of RM200 and a trophy)
Team Name: Jumanjies
The Experiment: Jumanji Vibes
Students showed how friction, gravity and sound work together in this experiment.
They placed a paper-made animal on a thin wire and coiled around a thick wire. It then moved downwards due to gravity, vibrated due to friction and produced a vibration sound. The students showcased this experiment with three sizes of wires; short, crescent-shaped and a circular wire which then resulted differently. 
Consolation Prize – Primary 3 (Won a cash prize of RM 100 and certificates)
Team Name: Hurricane
The Experiment: Fire Balls
To define the concept of light and friction, the students used 4 marbles to form a tetrahedron in this experiment. They spin the marbles on four different surfaces; smooth, shiny, dull, and uneven. By using a flashlight, the students showcased the intensity of light reflections on each surface as the marbles spin. The frictional force was determined through the time taken for the marbles to stop spinning. 
Our students wowed the judges with their confidence and science knowledge. Keep it up, students!