Squash Achievement
Squash Achievement
I am pleased to share with you the exploit of Year 11 Gamma student Jeremy Ong Eng Jun in the racket sport of
squash. He began playing this game of stringed racket since six years old, initially as a hobby and during free time.
According to Jeremy who credits his consistently good performance to his dad’s insistence on training, playing
squash motivates him as he can play properly and relatively well, which also helps reduce stress. “I participated in
numerous tournaments overseas when I was between 11 and 13 years of age in the Under-11 to Under-13
categories,” he said candidly when being interviewed after lessons in school.
Jeremy achieved seventh position among 128 players who came from all over Malaysia, over 70 of whom were
from Selangor. He represented Selangor in the Singles Under-17 category in the Selangor State Closed Squash
competition, held last Wednesday-Saturday between 14th and 17th September at the Astaka Sports Complex,
Petaling Jaya.
He advised fellow friends and students to persevere in their area(s) of strength, be it in sports, academics or other
fields and never give up, staying the course and being determined to excel. “It will be good for them to discover and
learn new things and have new experiences along the way”.
Congratulations Jeremy, we are proud of you.