Sri KDU Schools: Safe Schools Initiative
Dear Sri KDU Parents/Guardians,
Sri KDU Schools are committed to ensuring that all our students, parents and staff feel safe in our schools and are free from any form of physical or psychological harm, whether it be in the form of harassment, bullying, discrimination or violence. The safeguarding of children in our care is our top priority.
What Have We Done So Far?
As an education group we have already taken the following concrete steps to create a safe environment in all our schools:
  1. Our board has appointed an Independent Panel consisting of leading child rights advocate, Dato Hartini Zainuddin, leading educator, Miss Nina Disney, and legal expert, Datin Paduka Zaitoon Dato’ Othman, whose recommendations have helped shape a comprehensive roadmap for our schools to ensure our child safeguarding standards are in line with best practices around the world. 
  2. We have developed and rolled out a Child Protection Policy which clearly defines and forbids any form of harassment and inappropriate behaviour on the part of our staff and students.
  3. We have trained all staff so that they have understood our Child Protection Policy and have signed a declaration that they are committed to upholding it. This training will be regularly updated and become part of our annual staff professional development.
  4. We have practiced compulsory background screening for all our staff by a global specialist firm, to ensure that no one with a criminal background or a record of offences against children are allowed to work in any of our schools. 
  5. We practice a zero-tolerance policy against any inappropriate conduct. Our strict protocols dictate that if we receive credible information that any staff is acting in an inappropriate way, the staff will be suspended immediately, a full investigation launched with the involvement of independent parties and appropriate action taken which may include lodging police reports against the staff and ensuring that the misconduct is added to their records so that they will not be able to work with children in the future. 
What Else Do We Plan To Do in the Future?
In the coming months we will be further strengthening our child safeguarding measures with the following plans:
  1. We will conduct training sessions with students so that they understand the Child Protection Policy, and teach them how to keep safe on social media and other digital platforms as well as how to recognise and avoid inappropriate contact with teachers and other adults. We will also use these sessions to get student input and opinions on what we can do to make them feel safer in school.
  2. We will conduct webinars with parents to brief you on our Child Protection Policy and provide guidance on how to keep your children safe.
  3. We will be setting up a dedicated reporting hotline for students, staff, parents to report any breach in our Child Protection Policies.
  4. We will be continuing our training with teachers to further improve their understanding and application of child safeguarding practices.
The efforts to make our schools a safe place is continuous work. We welcome further suggestions from parents and students on what else we can do to make our schools safer. Please feel free to email your principals at:
Sri KDU National Primary School
Pn. Shamsiah Anverdeen - [email protected]
Sri KDU National Secondary School 
Mr. Lam Chee Fong – [email protected]
Sri KDU International School, Kota Damansara 
Mrs. Margaret Rafee – [email protected]
Sri KDU International School, Klang
Ms. April Peters – [email protected]
Let us all work together to create a safe school environment for everyone.
Mr. Eugene Yeoh 
CEO of Sri KDU Schools