Sri KDU Secondary School Awarded Green Flag Award


Let's begin by understanding the significance of the Eco-Schools Programme Green-Flag Award. The Eco-Schools Programme Green Flag is an internationally recognised award for excellence in environmental action and learning. Our school has been trying to achieve this award since the start of the Eco-Schools Programme (TESP), and we are very pleased and proud to announce that we have finally been awarded the Green Flag. 
To achieve the Green Flag, we presented two of TESP’s Eco-Projects, which included the Green Wall 2.0 and the Indoor Vertical Farming Project, to a panel of judges from WWF. Though they were already familiar with our projects, they were very impressed with the level of participation in our school community. They discovered that everyone in our school actively supports our Eco-Projects, from the librarians planting succulents in the library, to our security guards and cleaners helping in the maintenance of the Green Wall during the MCO. 
Though we only had one day to prepare for the presentation, we are so pleased with the result and we would like to recognise the main TESP committee (Yi Zhi, Jing Shii, Gwen, Naomi, Caitlin and Pei Qi) for their hard work in ALL our projects. We would also like to thank our teacher advisors Mr Mukun, Ms Geetha, Ms Iva and Ms Bong for their continuous support and advice. We would also like to thank the previous TESP committees for all their hard work, which has led to our school finally winning the Green Flag. Last but definitely not least, we would like to thank ALL the members of the school community for their support and dedication to making our school a more eco-friendly environment. 
We hope that everyone, especially students, will continue to support the Eco-Schools Programme and maybe, even join and volunteer for our projects. The Green Flag is not an award for TESP only, but it is awarded to the entire school community for their support and participation in truly embodying our Eco-code, ‘Green Minds’.
Written By, 
Xin Yu and Amirah Hannah, Secondary 5