Interview with Sri KDU Secondary School SPM 2020 Top Scorer


What was your recipe for success?
While consistent revision and practice certainly played an influential role in attaining outstanding results, I would say that the key to my success in studies is to focus on one subject or topic at a time, especially those that I found myself rather weak at. It is only after I am certain of my proficiency in that specific area would I strive to further improve my knowledge in every subject equally. As a result, I was able to achieve 11A+ in SPM as I managed to avoid the grave mistake of excessively preparing for one subject while inadvertently overlooking the others.
After getting your results, who would you like to show your appreciation to?
The thrill and satisfaction upon receiving my results did little to overshadow my gratitude and appreciation towards those who had lent me a helping hand, both academically and spiritually. Of course, I am immensely indebted to my dedicated teachers who constantly sought to improve my comprehension in the subject at hand despite the rather difficult predicament due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, I would also like to thank my parents for their unwavering support for me to pursue excellence in my studies. I am truly and eternally grateful to my friends and classmates who had motivated and invigorated me whenever I found myself lacking the will and fortitude to face the inherent pressure and trepidation of sitting for a national examination.
What advice would you give to future batches when they take SPM?
I believe that from the perspective of some students, top scorers in examinations are nothing but robotic machines whose sole purpose is to consume and regurgitate information and facts in order to pass with flying colours. They are normally deemed, and falsely so, to lead a monotonous life devoid of entertainment or vibrancy. Well, I would like to disabuse the future batches of this fallacious notion as a little rest truly goes a long way. The single, most pragmatic piece of advice I have to offer is to alternate between your studies and entertainment at a pace you find most comfortable. It is only through the perfect equilibrium between productivity and relaxation can one achieve optimal performance in any tests.
Interviewed by,
Zi Yin, Secondary 4