Sri KDU Secondary School won 3rd Place in M.A.D. Project
The People to People (PTPI) International Student Chapter in Sri KDU Secondary School had participated in the M.A.D. (Make A Difference) Project hosted by the Leaderonomics Club, to raise awareness on floods in Malaysia. 
The students named their project EMI which stands for Educate, Manage and Improve. Apart from the aim to raise flood awareness among the school community, the project also raised funds for flood victims through the Yayasan Food Bank.
A TED Talk Showcase in collaboration with the Sri KDU photography club, Exposure was held to provide insights on the flood situation in Malaysia. In addition, a competition named “Flood Your Brain” was held where students were required to do research and present topics relevant to floods in the most creative way possible. 
The EMI Project was showcased during the HOPE National E-Convention 2021 and the school won third place in the M.A.D. Project!
Kudos to the students for their hard work and determination!