Alumni Interview: Brian Soo, Chief Innovation Officer at Fire Fighter Industry

We recently spoke to Chief Innovation Officer at Fire Fighter Industry, Brian Soo – alumni of Sri KDU Secondary School, class of 2011. Read Brian’s inspiring interview below!
"It took me 2 different industries to realise that my true passion lay in the creation of things. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, I moved up to Silicon Valley to work on a startup that focused on improving the quality of cameras on phones. I was allowed to pitch to 600 Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley after being chosen from a pool of Alumni Entrepreneurs from 10 University of California Schools. After my tenure in Silicon Valley, I went back to my home country Malaysia, to lead the change in Fire Fighter Industry. I was appointed the role of Chief Innovation Officer where I help plan and create new products, new services, new and improved workflows for a B2C fire safety industry in Malaysia. 
As a true innovator and creator, it does not just stop at the firefighting industry. In my free time, I also create content on multiple platforms and appear on multiple podcasts talking about my career journey. I am looking into starting my own podcast studio too, with Shure, a company that produces high-quality equipment and products that help define one’s sound. Even during my high school experience in Sekolah Sri KDU, one of my favourite subjects was Kemahiran Hidup as it enabled me the chance to experience hands-on activities by building things. Life skills are often overlooked, but it is the most important skill to have when going into the working world.
Just thinking about my experience as a student, I was beyond lucky to have attended Sekolah Sri KDU. Teachers were not simply reading from books, but they implemented strategies that helped with students acquiring knowledge. I liked how the school had technologies that other schools didn’t such as projectors and equipped labs which truly helped with having an environment that fostered learning. I particularly remember having a great teacher who constantly motivated me, Mr. Asokan, who was my Sports Coach at that time. He helped me build confidence and stamina which eventually led to our first MSSD medal for our category in years. 
My experience growing up in Sekolah Sri KDU helped shaped me to be resourceful, determined, and resilient in moving forward and constantly pushing for the best. This also led to the Fire Fighter Industry's recent win at the Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) which is one of the most prestigious awards in Malaysia awarded by The Star. We won the award for the Best Use of Technology!
Evidently, being resourceful helps, but determination can definitely take you places. As a blue fish once told me “Just keep swimming” – I believe that quote has a much deeper meaning, to tell people to keep going, and life is all about moving forward, no matter how small of a step it is, a step forward is still forward.”