Sri KDU Schools Music Marathon in the News

Thank you to Sin Chew Daily for the feature on Sri KDU Schools Music Marathon. With the participation of 1578 students from the entire campus, this initiative was recognized in the Malaysian Book of Records for “the largest student participation in a Musical Marathon". In addition, the event also aided to raise funds for their Helping Out People Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) initiative to aid NGOs in helping less fortunate children.


Sekolah Sri KDU brought together 1,578 students from the Primary, Secondary and International schools to perform in a non-stop solo & group chorus, piano, violin & ukulele stylings as well as the orchestra performance. The Music Marathon event also aided to raise funds for their Helping Out People Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) initiative to aid NGOs in helping less fortunate children.
In conjunction with the World Music Day, Sri KDU Schools arranged and presented more than 50 groups of performances in the school's auditorium in a 7.5-hour marathon which ran from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 it was broadcasted live online to bring the children's performances to life. The number of students participating broke the record, which allowed Sri KDU Schools the honour to be recognized in the Malaysian Book of Records for “the largest student participation in a Musical Marathon". The teachers and students were so excited that the scene was filled with joyful screams and applause.
The principal of Sri KDU National Primary School, Shamsiah Anverdeen, said that the school combined the Music Marathon with the "Helping Out People Everywhere" (H.O.P.E.) initiative and successfully garnered donations from the school’s community of parents and teachers. They successfully raised RM21,600 which will go to cheer up children less fortunate and provide them with the assistance they need.  Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, she confirmed that the beneficiary of the H.O.P.E. will be Persatuan Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Ekliptik Klang. This is a welfare home for physically handicapped individuals in Malaysia that has been operating for 29 years. Their goal is to give our country's less fortunate children a new lease on life. They are responsible for close to 60 children. Most of the children have Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Spasticity, Muscular Dystrophy, Mild Mental Retardation, Vision/Speech/Hearing Impairment and a variety of other disabilities. They need about RM50,000 a month to keep the home running and to care for these children. They certainly run into financial difficulties from time to time, but they remain optimistic that things will improve. The difficulties faced by the home now, due to the pandemic and inflation of goods are evident. 
Shamsiah Anverdeen said that the number of students in the three schools totals about 3,000. However, some students need to attend classes and participate in extracurricular activities. About 1,500 students and nearly 100 staff comprising teachers, the marketing and technical team who participated in the Music Marathon. She believes that music is an outlet for creative expression and individuals, who are in the midst of an endemic, also need such an outlet. When asked about the students' preparations for the Music Marathon, she said the students spent a month practicing during their structured performing arts lessons, followed by two and a half days of intense rehearsals to better prepare for the performance. She watched the performances of the students and felt immensely proud of the brilliance and confidence displayed by the children on stage.
Anthony Partington, Executive Principal of Sri KDU Schools, said that this was the goal they strive to achieve, it presented all three schools the opportunity to work together. It is a great achievement to receive this honour, everyone is indeed immensely proud of it. He said that the Music Marathon is an opportunity for teachers, students and staff of the three schools to collaborate and there is no better way to work together than through music and performance. This was one of the key reason for holding the Music Marathon. He pointed out that the school is known for its intensive programs and often puts great emphasis on the performing arts, this is why performing arts is part of the school's learning. He believes that the Music Marathon also teaches children leadership, how to organize a team, be part of a team, and collaborate with others. These skills are very important in today's world. In his words "It's also a huge sense of accomplishment when people are challenged to stand up and try to do something, to push and set goals for themselves, and they manage to get it done."
When asked about the school's challenges to get in the Malaysian Book of Records, Anthony Partington found the scheduling of time and student engagement is the most challenging as they have three schools, two different programs and years, one is preparing for classes, another school year is ending. He said "It's a logistical challenge to get all the participating students and schedules properly, and to achieve the goal of having the most students participating in the longest Music Marathon." Anthony shared that the social message conveyed by the Music Marathon, should emphasize that education is broader than academic learning. This is certainly something the school is very passionate about, to support the holistic development of children, developing their personality and a series of real world skills. Making the Music Marathon reality was no easy feat for he said "After the Covid-19 pandemic, it's great to see everyone having fun and enjoyment in music, because community activities like this have been unrealistic for a long time, if we tried to get 1,500 children together during the pandemic, it would be accused of spreading Covid-19."
In his closing remarks, Anthony mentioned "I think that for people whose families are not very rich or do not have so many advantages, music is something that everyone can participate in and it also brings enjoyment and spreads fun to people. We hope that through our Music Marathon, we can bring more of this beauty to everyone.” As a former musician, he believes that music can really penetrate many people's hearts. When other people see our Music Marathon, they can feel the joy of participating and whilsts also enjoying the music. This is the uniqueness of music and the emotional responses it received.