Senior Leadership Team

Djohann Iskandar Kwan Abdullah


Mr Djohannn has over 28 years’ experience working in education, both in teaching and administrative capacities. He applies academic and professional knowledge in his career which has taken him from mission schools to the provision of integrated educational services across Malaysia and Singapore.

His varied roles in education have enriched his knowledge, adding greater value and significance to his responsibilities as an educator and administrator. He is conscious of what is involved in the complex art of teaching and learning. 

As principal of Sri KDU Primary School,  he provides strategic direction in the school system, develops curricula, assesses teaching methods and monitors student achievement. He encourages parent involvement and oversees policies and procedures.

He believes that education is a continuous and lifelong process, and that the primary school years - middle childhood – is a period of transformation during which the child undergoes various physical, intellectual and social changes, and that these precious years should be exploited to the best advantage of the child. Mr Djohann’s personal mission is to create an academically effectual primary school that gives children’s growth a significant boost. He is fortunate to be supported by a team of dedicated Senior Leadership staff who share his philosophy of education.

Focused on details, analytical and resourceful, Mr Djohann accepts the challenge of demanding work situations and is committed to the maxim that education is an integral part of human life, the basic condition for the development of the whole person. He thus ensures a well-balanced programme for students of Sri KDU Primary School.


Shamsiah Anverdeen

Deputy Principal

Ms Shamsiah has teaching experience spanning 25 years, in Hong Kong and Malaysia. In her career as an educator, she has taught the international and national curricula.

Ms Shamsiah joined Sri KDU Primary School in 2004 as a teacher of Science and Mathematics. She was promoted to the post of Head of Academic & Assessment for Lower Primary in 2009, and Deputy Principal in 2013.

As the Deputy Principal, she supports the principal in the leadership and daily operations of the school and assumes the role of Acting Principal in the absence of the Principal. She supports the teachers in the major areas in Teaching and Learning and is also responsible for drafting the annual framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

Ms Shamsiah’s vast experience in education has afforded her opportunities to foster classroom community, design curriculum and mentor the team of teachers. With her genial personality, she establishes meaningful relationships with the teachers, children and parents of the school.

Ms Shamsiah is committed to ensuring that all children have equal opportunities to develop their skills, shine in their areas of interest and reach their true potential in a safe and caring environment. She is proud to have served at Sri KDU Primary School, and hopes to lead the school to further achievements.


Vincent Yap Wei Teck

Head of Academic and Assessment (Upper Primary)

Mr Vincent Yap is a founding teacher at Sri KDU Primary School. He began his teaching career with the school in 2003 as a teacher of Mathematics and Science and is passionate about introducing young children to science by observing their discoveries, and to construct knowledge through play and exploration.

With his excellent organisational and leadership skills, Mr Vincent was promoted to the post of Head of Academic & Assessment for Upper Primary in 2009. In this capacity, he oversees the academic and assessment department of the Upper Primary and reports to the Principal and Deputy Principal. He leads, supervises and mentors the Heads of Subject to ensure the academic goals of the school are met.

Mr Vincent is the Secretary for the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR). He works closely with the Ministry of Education (MoE) in all aspects of the national examination for Primary 6 students. He plans pre-UPSR workshops and seminars for the school candidates and guides the Heads of Subject to set annual targets and plan strategies for their respective subjects.


Shairina Begum Binti Sulaiman

Head of Academic and Assessment (Lower Primary)

Ms Shairina Begum began her career in teaching as a teacher in Singapore for 3 years before joining Sri KDU Primary School in September 2003.

She was the Head of Subject for the English Language panel from 2010 to 2012 when she was promoted to the post of Head of Academic and Assessment for the Lower Primary in 2013. 

In her current role, she oversees the staff and students in the lower primary and assists the Principal and Deputy Principal in developing and implementing policies and practices for assessment and academic progress. This involves monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning in the levels under her charge.

She enjoys working with young children and teaches the English Language to the lower primary students. She believes that every little step that students make is progress on which to build upon.

Ms Shairina is enthusiastic about coaching teachers to create a welcoming and nurturing classroom environment that supports young children to develop into thinkers and problem-solvers.


Willie Yip Siew Yee

Head of Student Affairs

Ms Willie Yip Siew Yee, the Head of Student Affairs, is a graduate of Bachelor of Early Childhood from University of Western Sydney, Australia. Her two-year experience as a stand-in teacher with various educational centres in Sydney has helped her gain more valuable knowledge in the educating of the young before she returned to Malaysia. Upon her return, she used her new-found understanding at a reputable kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur. She assisted in the initial start-up of its day care centre by personally modelling and fine-tuning the curriculum and designing its learning spaces. 

Ms Yip then joined Sri KDU Primary School in June 2006, where she has been teaching English for the past 15 years. She has worked herself progressively up rank and file and has played very significant key roles during her time with the school. A professional who is very dedicated to her craft, she does her best in all her duties discharged to her. With her new found role, Ms Yip will continue to build and enhance the progress she has made with matters relating to the wellbeing of the students in the school. She definitely brings a wealth of experience to lead the Student Affairs Department effectively.





Mr Razif joined Sri KDU in 2008, as a teacher of religious studies and then computer studies. He is known to design and implement lessons that are differentiated to cater for a range of abilities and learning styles. His lessons contain a variety of teaching and learning activities, including appropriate ICT to suit the needs of his students. He evaluates and reflects on the effectiveness of teaching and learning experiences and adjusts further planning as required.

Mr Razif, who was previously the Head of ICT and the CCA Coordinator for Upper Primary, has been promoted to the position of Head of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). With his experience and innate skills, he now assists the Principal to promote CCA as an extension of the school programme for holistic education.

An energetic educator, Mr Razif consistently explores student interests and community needs to engage children in their worlds. This is a crucial aspect of his planning and implementation of CCA in the school. He also liaises with external organisations and agencies to secure the best deals for students. His role also extends to talent scouting and helping students with special talents achieve their potential in sports.




Miss Foo Mei Kay joined Sri KDU Schools in 2002 as one of the pioneer teachers. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Education Psychology. She currently heads the Structured Performing Arts (SPA) Department. Her vast experience in the arts sees her developing the school’s music curriculum. Miss Foo has been heavily involved in the schools’ musical productions and has led various choirs, bands and ensembles.

She is now coordinating the Performing Arts Programme with Rockschool Music Academy of London. This exciting programme provides innovative and contemporary qualifications for music and the arts. Miss Foo also organises and coordinates various inter- class and school events for the students of both the national primary and secondary schools. She has now taken the challenge to head Sri KDU Schools newly formed Symphony Orchestra. 

To inspire and enable are the two key elements of her role in leading the Structured Performing Arts Programme in Sri KDU Schools.