Special Programmes

Special Programmes

R ▪ I ▪ P ▪ P ▪ L ▪ E ▪ S – Sri KDU Primary School’s home-grown leadership and character-building programme

This programme is aimed at cultivating leadership values amongst students and teachers so that they may be more successful in their lives. Through this project, we create a  culture of care within the school community.

The seven core RIPPLES values are:

– Be a victor, not a victim
– Be visionary and purposeful
– Understand the importance of planning
– Take small actions consistently
– Support teamwork and win-win choices
– Demonstrate bravery and grit
– Exhibit gratitude and celebrate wins

Teachers are continually being trained to effectively implement the seven core RIPPLES values throughout the school. Activities are planned to set the platforms for students to practise and model each value in and out of the classroom.


Helping Other People Everywhere – H.O.P.E. Programme

Sri KDU Primary School has strongly promoted practices of community service and giving back to society since 2009. The school’s H.O.P.E. Project has presented aid to many individuals, families, orphanages and homes, in cash and in kind through this charity project.

The activities of this project are interwoven into the leadership and character building programme – R-I-P-P-L-E-S – Start Your Ripples of Change.

Both H.O.P.E. and R-I-P-P-L-E-S are great avenues for students and teachers to be the change they want to be.