School Annual Sports

School Annual Sports

The value of sports in Sri KDU Primary School is significant and has a profound impact on the children, the school and the community. Its effects are powerful and transcendent - bridging gaps and bringing people together in addition to giving students unbelievable, life-altering opportunities.

This annual event is also the building block for promoting school pride and the bond between the student and the school. The event brings the school community together – putting individual differences aside, yelling and cheering loudly together in support of the children and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Annual sports is also the avenue where new sports talents are scouted and trained. Combined with the school’s special sports projects, we provide our children with the opportunity to acquire valuable life skills which are more beneficial than the games  – effort, hard work, self-discipline and teamwork.

Perseverance and diligence are also instilled in our children. They are presented the opportunity to contribute points to their Sports Houses through participation in these events. They are reminded that sports is not just about winning but playing their own part be it big or small, and giving their best.

Athletics (Track & Field)

Swimming Gala

Finale – Telematches, Sports House Performances & Prize-giving