School Camps & Trips

School Camps & Trips

Leadership Camp

This camp aims to empower our children with the necessary skills to bring out the leader in them. The objective of the camp is to inspire participants to become more responsible and contributing young leaders within the school community.

Participants discover their own potentials of being leaders and foster cohesive team relationships through fun-filled learning activities.


Motivational Camp

Prioritising and focusing better in preparation for examinations is essential to gaining good results. This camp is part of the “Towards Excellence in UPSR” enhancement programme to prepare UPSR candidates for the national examinations, which are usually held in September.

The necessary skills acquired from this camp contribute positively to their preparations for UPSR. It helps the children concentrate on personal development values and self-discovery, and this, in turn, helps them place their priorities better and to be more focused on their final goal for UPSR.

The children also learn that being independent is a huge responsibility, and discover the courage to move independently and interdependently towards achieving their academic goals.


CCA Camp

The desire and commitment to support and strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual values of our young children are done through the CCA Camp. Participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery to help create a desire for learning.

The camp also equips participants with the correct mindset and tools to become more responsible and contributing members of the school community and leaders of the future. Important values such as trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness and reverence are practised.