Senior Leadership Team

Lili Mariah 


With an M.Ed in Education Management and Instructional Design, Ms Lili Mariah was also a scholarship recipient for the B.Ed TESL degree from the University of Exeter, UK. Furthermore, she has also attained professional certifications on competitive management, innovation, virtual education and professional education and teaching from professional institutions and universities abroad such as University College Plymouth St Mark and St John.

A passionate educator, with an extensive education experience of more than 20 years, Ms Lili had worked with few high schools in the UK, such as the Tomlinscote School in Surrey as well as our local government and private secondary schools. She was also a principal for more than 5 years, and she has held the positions of an academic director and education consultant prior. She joined Sri KDU Secondary School as the deputy principal in 2019 and currently serves as the Principal of the National Secondary School.. She hopes to assist in creating a culture of excellence, universal integrity and supportive, holistic development for our children.


Hew Kee Harn

Deputy Principal

Mr Hew graduated from University of Malaya with a First Class Honours degree in Bachelor of Science (Mathematics).  He then completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Education at Technical Teacher Training College with two Best Student Awards, namely the Academic Excellence Award and Overall Excellence Award. He was also one of the top scorers in the country in STPM with distinctions in all five subjects. 

Mr Hew is a passionate learner and educator of mathematics who has 20 years of experience as a teacher. He believes that one should learn mathematics by building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts rather than merely applying formulae to solve mathematical problems. He joined Sri KDU Secondary School as a Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher in 2003 and was assigned the role of Head of Mathematics for Upper Secondary in 2005 and Senior Head of Mathematics in 2009. During his tenure as Head of Mathematics (2005–2013), the school’s SPM results for Additional Mathematics improved every year from 52% distinctions in 2005 to 79% distinctions in 2013. Likewise, the results for Mathematics improved from 68% to 91%.

Since 2014, Mr Hew has taken up various Senior Leadership roles as Head of Academic and Assessment (Upper Secondary), Head of CIE and Examinations and Head of Academic. His vision as the Deputy Principal is to make Sri KDU Secondary School the most preferred school in Malaysia. Students of Sri KDU will be well-equipped to lead the country to a better future.


Sarawanan Arumugam

Head of Co-Curricular Activities

Mr Sarawanan Arumugam graduated from the National University of Malaysia or University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in Communication and History. Following that, he pursued his teaching diploma at Sultan Abdul Halim Shah Teacher’s Training College in Kedah.

Mr Sarawanan joined Sri KDU Secondary School in 2002 as a history teacher and has been fondly known as “001” by his colleagues as he was the first registered staff of KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd (currently known as Sri KDU Sdn Bhd). As a dedicated and passionate history teacher (some students call him Mr History), Mr Sarawanan engages students with vibrant historical themes, using art, literature, economic theories and strategic analysis.

In 2016, Mr Sarawanan was awarded the National Outstanding Educator Award from the Private Education Cooperative of Malaysia. Mr Sarawanan is currently the Head of Co-Curricular Activities and he teaches Secondary 5 students history.

Gayathri Joseph

Head of Pastoral Care & Discipline

Ms. Gayathri Joseph joined the Sri KDU family in 2008 as an Upper Secondary English teacher. She graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia with a double major: a BA in Comparative Literature and a BA in Philosophy. Since joining us, she has been a part of various academic and non-academic activities, including teaching the dual syllabus when it was implemented.

Often heard over the PA system, she has been the emcee for various activities. Three years ago, she took on the Secondary School Performance project where she wrote and directed original productions. Ms Gaya took on the role of Level Coordinator before she was eventually appointed as the Head of Pastoral Care and Discipline.

Angela Ho

Head of Assessment & Examination

Ms Angela Ho Shu Yean graduated from First University College with a BA (Honours) in Interior Architecture and Design. The love for teaching led her to embark her journey in education. She has experience teaching in learning centers and public primary and secondary schools.

Ms Angela Ho joined Sri KDU Secondary school in 2011 as a Visual Art and Geography teacher and was promoted to the Head of Visual Art in the following year. She started teaching Science in 2017 as she believes that integrating Art, Geography and Science in a class can better engage the students.

As the Head of Assessment & Examination, she oversees the registration, administration, execution & evaluation of both local and international exams. Ms Angela also champions the Makerspace project, with the main objective of encouraging students to be creative and innovative learners.