CCA & Outsourced CCA

CCA & Outsourced CCA

The co-curricular activities (CCA) at Sri KDU Secondary School are part of our curriculum, not a separate entity for we believe in holistic education. Our CCAs are therefore tailored to the needs of our community with close collaboration among the major stakeholders.

Students who participate in the CCAs will master the spirit of leadership, teamwork and collaboration. They will learn to strike a balance in the development of the intellect, the physical health and their emotional well-being. Students will gain knowledge and experience to present trust, respect, integrity, bravery and energy.

The CCAs at Sri KDU Secondary School consist of:

Compulsory CCAs

Students must select and participate in one sport and one club/uniformed unit in each year of study during the school CCA periods. These are held during school hours and within school grounds.

Outsourced CCAs

Outsourced CCAs, which are optional, involve a fee (payable per semester) and are conducted by experienced and reputable outsourced instructors/trainers. They are only conducted after school hours between 3:45p.m. – 5:00p.m. on a schedule and day arranged by the instructors. All activities are conducted within school grounds.

Student Development Programmes

The student development programmes are also optional and all activities are chargeable. Each activity is run differently and has its own unique approach to instil various values. Some of the activities are led by the students themselves with the teachers playing a guiding role.

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