School Communication

School Communication

Sri KDU Secondary School has established these modes of communication between students, teachers and parents.


3-Way Conference

Students and parents are invited to meet teachers at a 3-Way Conference held three times every year. The first conference in January is a time when parents and students meet teachers in a ‘get to know you better’ session. The other conferences are held after the mid-year and year-end examinations.

Parents receive progress reports via the parent portal prior to the conference dates. Besides evaluating the results of the assessments and examinations, other concerns may be discussed. The dates for the 3-Way Conferences are indicated in the school calendar.


Parent Portal

The Parent Portal serves as a beneficial communication avenue between parents and the school.


Weekly Bulletins

The bulletin uploaded onto the parent portal on a weekly basis contains updates and reminders about school & outside of school events, student achievements and subject information.